Monday, October 29, 2007

Brazilian inspired Undrest Lingerie is here at Bella Bella!

Undrest designer Maria Paz Navales first became inspired to design lingerie while visiting a friend in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil . She was intrigued by how flattering all the women looked in their "Brazilian-Cut" bikinis no matter what shape or size they were. It was the perfect medium underwear cut between a full brief and a thong.

After having gone back to Brazil several times since that first trip, she learned a lot about Brazilian design. It consists of meticulously exposing the beautiful parts of a women's body in the most flattering way without sacrificing comfort.And Undrest was created.

The Undrest Brazilian inspired collections are designed using only the finest 100% Supima cotton for the ultimate in comfort, quality and softness.

Undrest was created so women would have more feminine and flattering choices when shopping for cotton intimate apparel.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The 2008 Aubade calendar is here!

One more sign that Christmas is coming: the 2008 Aubade calendar is here! You can download it on Aubade website:

10 Ways to Put Passion Back in the Bedroom!

Are you ready to take your passion to a new level? These tips are sure to take just about any relationship from ho-hum to WOW! Some ideas may seem like basic romance… but let's be honest… when was the last time you ACTUALLY did them? That's right… the only way for this to work is to put the ideas into practice. Try all 10 and see what happens!

1.Take a hot shower or bath together. When you are in the bath or shower, keep close physical contact. Wash each other and whisper in their ear the things you specifically love about making love to them.

2.Share a romantic dinner in front of the fireplace. Nothing speaks romance like sharing a meal in front of the glow of a burning fire. It's even better if you're nude or barely covered with lace and silk. Make sure the dinner you share is conducive to a romantic setting. Food that can easily be eaten with the least amount of utensils is usually your best bet!

3.Keep constant close physical contact when you are not at home. Keeping a sparked connection throughout the night is one of the most effective ways to keeping your partner passionate about you. A hand on their thigh, a whisper in their ear or a kiss on the neck are all great for reminding your partner what's waiting at home.

4.A long, passionate kiss. How often do you really just express your desire in a kiss? When you first start dating it's usually one of the only ways to express your desire. Refresh your kissing skills by every so often catching your partner off-guard with a weak-in-the-knees passionate kiss.

5.Leave a sexy note in the morning telling them to have nothing on, but the radio when you get home. They'll be thinking about it all day at work! Want to keep your partner's mind on you ALL day? Do this idea! You can even go a step further and tell them what's in store for them as well!

6.Feed each other sensually suggestive finger foods. The best way to feed each other? Naked, of course! Set the tone for an incredible lovemaking experience with a little forethought and some of their favorite tender treats.

7.Slow, sensual massage, complete with massage oil. If your hands slowly massaging every part of their body can't turn them on… well, you need more than these tips to jumpstart your sexual relationship! Create new sensations with the addition of props such as a feather, fur mitten or a metal chain.

8.Read your partner an erotic bedtime story. The best encounters are those we don't plan on. Tell your partner you'd like to read them a story. Without letting them see the book (maybe slip a book cover over it) begin to delight their ears with a sensual story made perfect for two!

9.Write a sexy letter describing everything you'd like to do to them. Sometimes it's difficult to actually speak out loud the things we enjoy about sex with our partner. Leave no doubts about your attraction and get them ready for some loving with a very in-depth description about what you enjoy doing to them!

10.Study a new sexual practice such as tantric sex or the kama sutra together. Expand your sexual horizons and learn new ways to turn each other on. There are many, many sexual techniques you can learn or sexual practices to study. Get two books, one for each of you, on a particular subject relating to sex. Agree on a pre-determined time frame to be done with the books. On one agreed night, one partner will give a full body "report" on what they learned. On another night the other partner will do the same. Compare notes…

Article by Jennifer Good

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Boost your bedroom' sex appeal in nine easy steps

1."One of the easiest ways to change your environment is with sound," says Stephanie Buehler, Psy.D., sex therapist and director of the Buehler Institute in Irvine, California. "Customize your playlist so the genre matches the mood you're in -- and the music builds to the mood you want to reach." For example, start with the soft sound of Band of Horses, shift into the sexy groove of Calexico, and graduate to the steady, pulsing rhythms of Bjrk or Portishead. (For the perfect playlist, go to and click music.)

2. A recent study in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology found that women perform better on creative tasks when in the company of plants. Choose classically foxy flora like roses, which emit a mood-enhancing chemical called phenylethylamine, or PEA. Or, more creatively, surround yourself with lavender and lily of the valley, whose sweet fragrances, according to the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, help increase arousal in men.

3. You don't need an expert to tell you that action on the tube can inspire real-world raunch, but Patricia Covalt, Ph.D., author of What Smart Couples Know, is happy to do so anyway. She suggests racy non-porn; we like Y tu mamá también or 9 1/2 Weeks. Open to female-focused erotica? Heat up your DVD player with Chemistry, by feminist author and sex educator Tristan Taormino.

4. When selecting duvets, pillows, and throws for steamy sex scenes, Jenny Oman, a set decorator for Showtime's sizzling series The Tudors (yes, the one starring Jonathan "Too Hot to Be Human" Rhys Myers), mixes in posh materials like velvet and satin. "Light-enhancing sheens and deep, rich colors like dark crimsons and pinks feel sensual and luxurious," she says. And get this: Less is surprisingly more when it comes to thread count. Designer Anki Spets, founder of Area linens, says a 200 to 400 thread count in high-quality cotton is ideal (anything higher and you'll be covered in sweat, since tighter weaves decrease much-needed breathability).

5. A 2007 study by the University of Minnesota found that high ceilings prompt more inventive thinking, and low ceilings help you focus on details. If your partner is too busy getting kinky to pay attention to your love button, paint your ceiling a few shades darker than your walls to make it seem lower. If your guy seldom strays beyond missionary, paint it several shades lighter, like primrose to complement burgundy walls.

6. Bright light is so unsexy it would make Shakira hide under the sheets. Covalt suggests easy-to-install dimmers for flattering, fuss-free lighting. And interior designer Robert Verdi, whose clients include Eva Longoria and Mariska Hargitay, says colored light bulbs are a bright idea. Pink ones soften the room and add a rosy glow to bare skin, while amber makes your body look sun-kissed. Margaret Walch, director of the Color Association of the United States, agrees: "Pink has calming effects, while amber increases arousal."

7. Propping up a mirror next to the bed can make you feel as sophisticated as a contestant on Charm School. For a subtler visual thrill, cluster big, sturdy candles on the floor to create shadows, Oman says. And make those flames citrus-scented: The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation reports that a whiff of orange can increase penile blood flow by 20 percent.

8. "If you want a lot of action, you want orange on the walls too," Walch says. The energizing shade blends the sexiest aspects of red and yellow. Physiologically, red is a stimulant -- but its psychological effects can include irritability. Mix it with sunny yellow, however, and you'll feel uplifted. Verdi suggests deep orange paint to keep the room sultry, not seventies. If an entirely orange room seems overwhelming, try painting the color as an accent on just one wall -- behind your bed, for instance -- or on another focal point in the room.

9. Stoke intimacy with art that reminds you what a horny couple you are. Verdi suggests blowing up tasteful photos of cozy moments -- or even having them professionally converted into prints ( turns digital shots into canvas panels). Souvenirs like the leaf you saved from a romp in the woods look artsy when popped in a frame.

Photo by: Thomas Loof
Appeared in the November 2007 issue of Women's Health

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fergie's Love for Lingerie!

Fergie revealed during an interview with Fox Channel that she is passionated about lingerie, specially anything pink." I love to feel girly with a sweet pantie and powerful with an ultra sexy lingerie piece!"-she says.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rihanna in Beautiful Lingerie in Her New Video

In Rihanna’s new video, Hate That I Love You, she is laying around her bed in classy, beautiful lingerie while Ne-Yo is singing about his love for her. Watch the video below.

Bella Bella awarded Top 10 Best Luxury Lingerie Boutiques!,a division of Luxe Mont, a Luxury Lifestyle Company, awarded the Top 10 Luxury Lingerie Boutiques and Bella Bella Boutique is among them! Thank you Luxe Mont for such a honor!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

News from Booty Parlor! Introducing Sex Bombs-Get Explosively Sexy!

Arm yourself with this trio of sexy beauty boosters and trigger instant sexiness wherever you are!
Whether you’ve got an unexpected rendez-vous or you want a quick touch-up, Sex Bombs are all you’ll need to look and feel sexy – wherever you are!
Each adorable “sex bomb” contains a sexy beauty booster that you can carry with you to get sexy on the go. With a sexy lip and cheek tint, a limited edition kissable body shimmer and a solid perfume with pheromones, this trio is all you need to become a walking weapon of mass seduction!
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Bella Bella Welcomes Vanilla Lingerie!

Vanilla Lingerie is a super fun and comfortable brand of lingerie from Brazil. The scoop: they use anti-allergic fine fabrics and super soft materials like Supplex Light Santa Constancia and New Touch Microfiber. Their urban-chic patterns and sexy cuts make Vanilla Lingerie a cool brand to have in your boudoir drawer.

To go shopping Vanilla Lingerie, click here!

New Recco Lingerie Collection just in!

Recco Lingerie has been such a popular brand at Bella Bella Boutique! We just got a new collection in, fresh from Brazil! Enjoy!