Monday, March 24, 2008

La Perla Music at Bella Bella Boutique

Did you know that the fabulous La Perla Group besides making beautiful lingerie also makes fabulous music? Translating La Perla's sexy appeal - and apparel - the music of La Perla combines gentle down-tempo sounds, world music, piano, vocals, smooth up-tempo pieces, orchestral movements, sexy beats and chills.We have added the lavish music of La Perla to our Music Department! There are two albums: La Perla Noir and La Perla Black Label. Both albums are available for purchase at Bella Bella Boutique! Get yours here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Viva La Diva" Corset Event at Bella Bella Boutique!

It's "Viva La Diva" Corset Event at Bella Bella Boutique! Beautiful corsets have just arrived to celebrate the Spring Season and to celebrate the beautiful you! Indulge,look your best, these corsets are made to slim your torso and to give you that "vavoom" look! Enjoy!