Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Luca Lingerie - Young, Fresh, and Super Comfy!

Luca Lingerie may have already been to many of the countries you have on your must see list. Luckily, it is also the perfect lingerie to accompany you on your next exotic vacation.

This globetrotting brand comes from Romanian designer Claudia Luca, and her design and production process spans multiple countries. Claudia was born in Romania, but now creates her designs in Miami and manufactures her lingerie in Colombia. Her colorful and comfortable soft cup bras are a uniquely colorful take on international style.

Luca Lingerie’s soft cup bras and matching thongs are all made with high quality European mesh, cotton, and stretch lace. They’re sweet and sexy, and will make you feel like sunbathing at the beach the whole time you have them on. Even better, they’re comfortable and fit like a second skin.

We’re personally fond of the black Betina soft cup bra set, which comes complete with a sexy stretch lace thong and a playful star detail.

Print lingerie lovers will want to snap up the Sunflower soft cup bra set and bask in the vintage vibe it gives out.
Luca Lingerie is already wildly popular in South America and Europe, so we’re happy to be bringing it to our wonderful Bella Bella Boutique customers!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Lingerie as Outerwear: Working with Layers

Fall is well and truly here these days and my outfits are all being chosen according to their ability to accommodate multiple layers for comfort and temperature control. Most people think the changing seasons will completely restrict their ability to showcase their lingerie as outerwear, but really, it just makes it a bit more challenging. I love a good challenge, don’t you?

For today’s outfit, I began with a glamorous long sleeve bodysuit. The bodysuit is constructed from soft mesh with high quality, jersey fabric and features a modesty panel running up the middle and either side of the deep Vneck, I was reminded of the Silk Spectre II’s lingerie inspired Superhero costume in the Watchmen. I love that this outfit can evoke a warm and cozy Fall everyday look but that simmering just below the cardigan is the dangerously revealing bodysuit. Who knew wearing lingerie as outerwear could produce such an interesting dichotomy?

1. Rebecca Ansah Louiza Bodysuit: Constructed from revealing mesh and soft, black jersey, this bodysuit features a completely transparent back and arms with a thin center panel of opaque black up the front and on each side of the plunging Vneck. You can be glad for all those hours at the gym when you show off your beautifully sculpted abs just over the rise of the jeans.

2. Henri Bendel No.7 Tweed Envelope Clutch: The richly colored and nubby textured tweed evokes rainbow images of Fall forests adding a punch of color to every outfit. The clutch size is perfect for holding all your essentials and the silver drop chain can be used for over the shoulder wear or hidden within for a traditional in-hand clutch.

3. J Brand Pencil Leg Jeans in Heritage Color: These low rise jeans will pair beautifully with the revealing mesh of the bodysuit. The bit of stretch in the fabric will have you dancing and showing off these figure hugging pants. These pencil leg jeans taper slightly at the feet to draw the eye down to the fabulous Louboutin peep-toe heels.

4. Heaven’s Alchemy Alexandria Perfume: The deeply warm base notes of captivating amber, sensual musk, sandalwood and vanilla are the perfect platform for the more exotic notes of ginger, orange and jasmine. The scent is complex and deeply personal, perfect for the woman who wants to create an air of mystery.

5. Bristols 6 Nippies in Black Heart: The plunging neckline of the bodysuit won’t leave much to the imagination, so I thought it might prudent to include a little camouflage in case of a wardrobe malfunction. These nipple covers or “little patches of freedom” will maintain your modesty while also showing your fun side should there be a little slip. Either way, you’re covered and ready for anything.

6. Alexis Bittar Pave Accented Gold Triple Drop Earrings: You’ll want to wear your hair back when you sport these gorgeous drop earrings. The play of the light butter colored gold against the darker gems and settings is breathtaking and unexpected, much like the bodysuit hiding in wait under your cardigan.

7. Tory Burch Ross Cardigan: The soothing brown of this beautifully textured, rather prim cardigan is the perfect partner to the dramatic low rise jeans and bodysuit. The thick leather clasps are a nod to taboo bondage styling while the open bottom offers a peak at the layer below. I love that it’s structured like a jacket, but with the low key comfort of a sweater.

8. Dior Vernis in Rouge Garconne: This rather maroon-ish deep red pairs well with the fall colors of the tweed clutch and provides an unexpected punch of color. The long wearing polish should hold up to anything if you decide to put your outfit through its paces. Dancing, dining or DJing, your nails won’t hold you back.

9. Alexis Bittar Gold Oval Smoky Quartz Doublet Ring: This attention grabbing ring echoes the tones and colors of the earrings, while complimenting the oversized plaque on the clutch purse. I adore the understated quartz and the bold setting. This ring is from her Elements Collection and it was a pretty tough choice as to which one would best work. If I had enough fingers, I might have been tempted to choose them all.

10. Christian Louboutin Lady Peep: These nude heels are the perfect partner for those pencil leg jeans. The dramatic 6” heel will show off your legs to their utmost while offering a cheeky peek at your toes, which will be sporting the decadently red Dior polish. The nude color seems rather innocent and understated until that flashy red sole shows and your profile reveals the towering height of your heels. Just like the rest of this outfit, it can appear somewhat timid and practical until the little details are revealed!

I love that this outfit would fit in equally well in a library for some serious research or lining up at your favorite club, ready to dance the night away. I wouldn’t recommend any crime fighting though. I’m pretty sure those killer heels could actually be considered a dangerous weapon.

Is this how you would wear the bodysuit out and about? I would love to hear what you would pair it with!

Have a great week and I’ll see you with a brand new outfit next week!

by: Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Sale Starts Early at Bella Bella Boutique!

Yes! Black Friday Sale starts early at Bella Bella Boutique this year. We had a lot of requests from customers and decided to grant your wish! Sale starts tomorrow, Thanksgiving day, until Friday November 26 at Midnight.

Take advantage of this special to place your Holiday orders early, specially if you are thinking about ordering made to order and made to measure lingerie, this is the perfect time, not only to score a great discount but also to assure delivery on time. Enjoy!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Luz de la Riva: Couture Intimate Cosmetics

Your mother always said to never judge a book by the cover, but here at Bella Bella Boutique we’re lovers of elegant and unique packaging. However, that’s only one of the many reasons we were thrilled to discover these intimate lotions by Luz de la Riva.

Luz de la Riva makes couture intimate cosmetics that create a sense of exotic elegance whenever you use them. They also smell like heaven.

Luz de la Riva STELLA massage oil comes in three scents that you won’t find in any other intimate cosmetic line. Choose between the pink pepper and amber notes in the Marrakesh scent, the blackberry and vanilla orchid smells in the Wild Orchid scent, or the apple and ambergis notes in the Sweet Chérie scent. The massage oil is almond oil based to soften and nourish your skin while you relax.

The Luz de la Riva Zoë massage lotion comes in all of the same amazing scents, but has a slightly heavier formula that uses avocado and rosehip oils. This is wonderful to use with a partner, but also after a nice long bath.

If you’ve been a little nervous about giving edible massage oil a try, the Luz de la Riva LULU oil is a great place to start. Choose between pomegranate berry, chocolate spice (if you love chocolate you'll love this one), or the Argentinian famous caramel flavor, Dulce de Leche, and then go from there. This oil is entirely safe to consume if you choose, and uses natural pheromones.

Lubricant with glycerin in it can get sticky and tacky after awhile, but Luz de la Riva SIMONE Extra Slick Lubricant won’t ever have that problem. It remains silky and slick, and won’t leave you wanting to reapply a second coat.

This whole line is a treat for your body as well as your eyes!

by: Holly (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique )

The pretty bottles will look chic and sassy on your vanity tray or on your bed side table!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lingerie as Outerwear: From the Boudoir to Work

Hello Everyone! I’m Maggie and I will be joining the wonderful folks of Bella Bella Boutique to bring you a new look each Thursday. I will be exploring all the ways that lingerie can be tastefully incorporated into a fashionable outfit: Lingerie as Outerwear!

Today’s outfit was inspired by the unpredictable temperatures of Fall. I decided to create something that could go from day to night and still keep you comfortable if the temperatures dipped or flared. I love how the crisp, clean lines of the blazer and pants play off of the rounded textures of the heels and playsuit. This outfit could certainly bridge the gap between work and evening amusements with style to spare.

1. Beautiful Bottoms Phoebe Silk Playsuit is a luxurious 100% silk romper that has an old world lingerie appeal with its dark, charcoal grey silk overlaying the nude tone base. The fluid lines and drape of the playsuit soften the dramatic lines of the pantsuit and create a powerful feminine mystique.

2. BigBisou Renaissance Bracelet in Antique Brass features an elegantly delicate vine that winds its way around your wrist with crisply defined leaves.

3. The BCBG Boyd Tweed Jacket in Dark Heathered Grey with black contrasting accents is a structured blazer that showcases your curves with a form-fitting cut and slight military feel with the deep V front and single button closure.

4. Caron’s Narcisse Noir is a classic Caron scent with accents of Orange Flower and Musk that comes in a stunning bottle with a delicate black glass flower lid. The nostalgic fragrance will partner perfectly with the vintage boudoir feel of the Phoebe Silk Playsuit.

5. Roxcraft Vintage Pre-War Italian Copper Honey Bee Coin Pendant Necklace has a wonderful minimalist charm. With the open neck of both the playsuit and the blazer, this little honeybee will be perfectly framed and on show.

6. Michael Kors’ Josie Peep-Toe Pump is an elegant heel with a gently rounded toe that will echo the softer lines of the playsuit.

7. GwenDelicious Bronze Skeleton Key Bypass Ring is an unusual ring that is sure to generate plenty of conversation and compliments. The solid bronze key will wrap your finger in style and mystery.

8. The BCBG Ted Slim Twill Trouser in Dark Heathered Grey is a classic slim leg trouser with a single leg pleat that isn’t fussy or over styled. The long lines of the slim cut leg keep the figure in focus and extend your silhouette in partnership with those gorgeous heels.
So tell us, what's your favorite piece in this look?

by: Maggie (Bella Bella Boutique blog contributor)

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rebecca Ansah: Handmade Luxury Lingerie from London

With her new collection, Blue Armour, British lingerie designer, Rebecca Ansah is taking underwear as outerwear in a whole new direction. Her sheer bodysuits reflect influences from suits of medieval armor to the sheer mesh trend that is currently in.

Made of high quality jersey fabric and soft mesh, each bodysuit can be worn as lingerie or as part of a high-fashion outfit. You can pair them with high-waisted pants or a pencil skirt and heels, or throw a suit jacket on over one for a more formal effect.

The Louiza bodysuit with Shoulder Motifs features sheer sleeves, and plunging neckline, and an unusual glittering shoulder detail made out of beads and stones. The detailing shows off your shoulders and your neckline perfectly, and accommodates everything from a black bra to a tank top underneath.

The sleeveless Andrina body can be worn either way, and was used in reverse for this X-Factor performance! I love the black bras with the low cut back in front that they use. 

The Zuri Silk and Elastic briefs can be worn alone or with pasties as a nod to the fetish wear trend, or with one of her gorgeous blue bandeau or soft cup bras.

Each piece of the collection comes in small through large sizes, or can be made to your exact measurements.

Rebecca Ansah bodysuits provide comfort, sexiness, and a large variety of wardrobe options. What's not to love?

by: Holly (Bella Bella Boutique blog contributor)

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shell Belle Couture Lingerie

The super romantic and gorgeous Shell Belle Couture debut collection named "Voyage" was a sign that future collections were going to be as stunning and well presented as the first range. And we were correct. Their 2nd collection pictured above and named "Smoke and Mirrors" is decadent, ultra feminine, so romantic, and have a vintage vibe and look to each of the designs. Moderately priced, this is a luxury label you want to splurge on and cherish for a long time. For more information, visit the official website at: http://www.shellbellecouture.com.

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