Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Naked Princess: A Lovely Ever After Affair

I was so excited to find out that Bella Bella Boutique will be carrying Naked Princess Atelier from now on earlier this week. They're one of my favorite new brands, and their lingerie and body products are absolutely luscious.

Naked Princess Atelier makes luxurious products that will help outfit your body and your boudoir. They're inspired by traditional French approaches to lingerie construction and boudoir objects, as well as natural products and production methods. What they end up with is a fusion of old and new, traditional yet light and modern.

Take, for instance, this Love.Lust.Light.Body & Boudoir Candle. The porcelain holder harkens back to traditional boudoir accessories, but the candle inside is PETA certified and made out of all natural soy. The candle melts into the perfect massage oil, and comes with a feather teaser that can be used to spice up your life.

The Thousand Kisses Deep Chantilly Lace Robe is made by a certified couturier out of Italian lace and would be perfect for lounging or as part of a very elegant bridal set. I saw a picture last week of a friend of mine wearing a lacy bed jacket over a sheath dress at a lingerie show, and could see this piece being worn the same way for a twist on the loungewear look.

If you're looking for a luxury every day robe to lounge in, the Lovely Ever After Cashmere & Lace Robe is your best bet. It combines French cashmere with Naked Princesses' MicroModal® fabric, which is the softest modal fabric that I've ever felt. It comes in two basic colors, tea and white, and will be a basic you'll treasure for years.

If you're full up on robes, the Lovely Ever After Soft Tee is another great piece that can also function as outerwear. It comes in white and creme, but I personally recommend their charcoal color from this season. It's got hints of slate grey and lavender, and is completely unique and beautiful.

Last, but certainly not least, it's worth picking up their Lovely Ever After Lace Silk Blindfold. The blindfold is soft, flattering, and could be used as a fashion accessory or to add some fun to your normal bedroom routine.

by: Holly (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique )


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Monday, January 30, 2012

Quote of the Week

In this Quote of the Week we feature the Lovely Ever After Cashmere & Lace Camisole and matching boyshort from the stunning new label, Naked Princess. {more details about this gorgeous brand on tomorrow's post!} Happy Monday to you!

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lingerie as Outerwear: A Valentine's to Remember

Can you believe that Valentines Day is already peeking around the corner? My local stores look like they’ve been hosed down in Pepto Bismol and there are shiny, red hearts at every turn. Are you a celebrator of Valentines Day? Personally, I grab at any excuse to buy more lingerie, so it’s fairly safe to say that I’m a big proponent of the holiday!

I love pink and red lingerie as much as the next person and I can even be sold on white on occasion, but when it comes to holiday mandated color choices... I prefer to rebel a little. There’s nothing wrong with going for the traditional tones, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, why not go for a little luxe gold?

Today’s Lingerie as Outerwear outfit is probably one of my all time favorites and I’m not just saying that because the Belle Corset by Nicole Gill is so very boudoir-tastic! The rich, gold silk is set off perfectly by the delicate, black lace overlay and you can bet that your figure will be eager to do some Mae West wiggling when you put on this perfectly fit corset.

To add a little mystery and fun, I’ve accessorized the corset with a fabulous black lace teddy to give you that extra hint of Femme Fatale. You may have noticed that the skirt is embellished with gold silk on the seamlines and goes that extra mile with a daring slit over one knee. Louboutins bookend the skirt perfectly, in a classic shape and style that will have all eyes admiring your lovely legs and ability to move to gracefully in such sky high heels!

While it would be a shame to cover up any part of this outfit, it’s still winter and as such, we must be reasonable and incorporate a little insulation. I found the perfect jacket and haven’t stopped squealing like a little girl since. Isn’t it breathtaking with it’s vintage shaping, ruffled sleeves and short collar? Who would ever guess that a corset as beguiling as the Belle could be hiding under such a prim jacket that seems to have been sprung directly from a 1950’s finishing school?

The jewelry is all in delicate golds and blacks and is even highlighted by Guerlain’s stunning gold compact. Whether you need to touch up in public or not, you can rest assured that you’re still, as ever, perfectly coordinated.

Champagne, chocolates and the sultry sound of Sade are all the components of a perfect evening, whether you share it with someone or dine elegantly alone, you can bet that you are the perfect Valentine and are creating a night to remember.

1. Nicole Gill Belle Corset:When everyone else is sauntering around in their pinks and reds, you will be the glistening gold star in their midst. Nicole Gill creates these corsets on a made to order basis, so you know that your every curve will be perfectly hugged and embraced by the 100% gold silk. Handmade lingerie is the ultimate luxury and what better day to show it off than Valentines Day?

2. Nicole Gill Shannon Teddy: The demurely high neckline and cute cap sleeves on this teddy will further define your silhouette and pick up on the Belle corset’s lace overlay. A sumptuous black satin ribbon will spill over the top of the corset back and have you wrapped up like a present.

3. Giuseppe Zanotti Design Bracelet: A dramatic statement cuff will work perfectly with the ¾ length ruffle sleeves of the jacket and once you remove the jacket, it will pick up the glitz and glitter of the lace and silk. The metallic closures add a little bit of a rebel whisper while the black Swarvoski crystals will pick up on the earrings’ glimmer.

4. The Best of Sade: I don’t think this choice really needs any explanation does it? Seriously, the woman’s voice just oozes romantic evening doesn’t it?

5. Christian Louboutin Black Pigalle Plato Heels: Okay, I admit, I had to go for Louboutins for the red soul! I couldn’t help it, I figured the traditional colors deserved at least a little showing. Even if that red soul isn’t showing too much, these killer heels will be further elongating your legs to show off that skirt to it’s best advantage.

6. Guerlain Parure Compact Foundation: A girl can’t have too much gold and this compact is almost too pretty to save for the powder room. Snapping this open in the cab to double check your look will almost certainly convince your dinner companions of your true fashionista talents!

7. Yves Saint Laurent Silk Crepe A Line Skirt: This 100% silk, black and gold, high waisted, A line skirt is an absolutely stunning piece. The off kilter pocket is such an unusual design choice and takes the outfit from predictable to spontaneous and fun!

8. Good Night Gilda Silk and Lace Thong: What goes best with a silk corset and skirt? Why a silk thong of course! Good Night Gilda doesn’t miss an opportunity to add in even more feminine details. She brings the pretty with a lovely dotted tulle front panel and scalloped lace trim to boot.

9. Beverly Hills Design Onyx and Gold Earrings: These earrings are long and curvy just like you in this outfit. The onyx beads are daintily joined to provide maximum toggle and movement, so be sure to fit in a few dramatic head gestures so they get their workout. They bring that little bit of understated elegance and polish to an otherwise dramatic outfit.

10. Moschino C&C Black Wool Crepe Jacket: What better to pair up our revealing corset and teddy than this retro-inspired black, wool crepe jacket. It just screams Jackie O. to me and will work so nicely with your patent leather heels and silk skirt. The rather boxy styling of the jacket provides the perfect counterpoint to the figure hugging silhouette of the bespoke corset and slim -line skirt.

What sort of plans have you all made for Valentines? So far, I’m thinking a lovely evening out at a dessert bar and some live jazz followed closely by the champagne, chocolates and delicious conversation at home. Can’t wait :)

Cheers, as always,

Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Priscilla Jade Lingerie: Spring Awakening

It's easy to be a fan of Priscilla Jade lingerie. Her previous collection raised black mesh and lace to sophisticated new heights, and her size range is incredibly inclusive. Whether you're a size zero or a size sixteen, you'll find something to love.

Her newest collection, Spring Awakening, has built on her previous strengths while embracing new silhouettes and colors. If you're a fan of brightly colored lingerie, this is your collection.

The collection boost three primary colorways. The first is an adorable black and yellow combination that is both sophisticated and sunny. The second is a red and white combination that is cute and classic. The third colorway featured is a Tiffany blue trimmed with red, and is both gorgeous and unexpected.

The new collection features a wide variety of pieces that range from fun and flirty bodysuits to robes and girdles. The Hera Robe is the perfect basic to welcome in spring with. The tulle and stretch charmuse make it it feel light as air, and the bright colors will perk you up every time you put it on.

If you're more of a vintage fan, make sure to give the Primrose Bralette and Ceinture set a try. The black and yellow bralette is sexy and sweet, and the chevron stitched girdle is a great take on a classic lingerie staple.

If you love teddies, the Serena Teddy will be a welcome addition to your collection. The teal and red combination is rarely found in lingerie, and the bows give it a sweet vintage vibe.

Last, but certainly not least, Priscilla Jade makes some of the best panties on the market. Whether you're a thong or a regular panty person, you'll find lots of gorgeous pairs to add to your lingerie drawer in this collection.

by: Holly (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique )

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Quote of the Week

In this Quote of the Week we feature the Hera Robe, Vania Soft Cup Bra, and Cathena Thong in Teal/Red by Priscilla Jade Lingerie new SS12 Collection called Spring Awakening. This set makes a lovely Valentine's Day gift idea to be cherished for years to come! Happy Monday to you!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lingerie as Outerwear: We're Bringing Purple Back

Today’s Lingerie as Outerwear post is an ode to the color purple. What with all the dreary grey skies and the slushy smudge color of the great outdoors, I’ve found myself pining for some scintillatingly beautiful color. A visual pick me up to get me through this weird winter weather.

Why purple you may ask? Funny story, I was walking down the street during my lunch hour and a woman passed me wearing the most amazing purple coat. I swiveled on the spot to get better look at her outfit and we came face to face just like the “Woman in Red” in the Matrix. Thankfully she wasn’t pointing a gun at my face; she just wanted to ask me for directions, but I credit her bold color choice with turning around my whole day! That, and I really like the color purple and think the world should wear more of it!

It all began with this cream Pati. Olie Vienna Corset with the Spring colored applique. The high neckline keeps the lingerie in respectable mode, while the pleats and embellishments are demanding to be shown off and not covered up with modesty. Paired up with a classic high waisted Lanvin Slim pant in a neutral khaki that the Silver Screen Goddesses would be salivating over and I had the perfect outfit all ready to go. The rest is just gravy.

These Yves Saint Laurent purple suede platforms give that necessary kick of color and texture to show that you didn’t use up all of your creativity just picking out the corset. Black Honey Almost Lipstick is the ultimate insiders’ secret and is known to go with any and all skin types. You could grab a purse, but it might be smarter to grab a blank notebook to record all of your adventures. This handmade Shakespearean Romance Journal could be just what the sartorialist ordered.

Throwing in a multi toned necklace with diluted pink and purple beads, super sparkly, dangly earrings and luxuriously minimalist golden toned bangles and crown shape ring brings this outfit up another notch into the head turning range. So be careful when you walk down the street or you might just have a posse fashionistas following your inspirational tail.

1. Pati.Olie Vienna Corset: Made to your exact dimensions, this bespoke corset will fit more comfortably than a glove. You had better be ready to chat up everyone you meet, because they’re all going to want to know where you found such an amazing piece. Maybe you should start practicing your mysterious smile now.

2. Monies resin Necklace: Multiple black leather bands keep these purple and pink resin beads up close and personal. They add that little bit of subdued sparkle that’s happy to play a supportive role while letting the corset do all of the talking.

3. Kismet Crown Gold Ring: The simple shaping and solid construction of this ring make it an easy piece to incorporate into any outfit. The golden tones will pick up the brown notes in the trousers, the cream colored fabric of the corset and of course those glorious bangles.

4. Immortal Longings Book Addict Gift Set Anthony and Cleopatra Romance Journal: Now, I love me some Shakespeare, Anthony and Cleopatra is one of my favorite plays, but I adore the way the designer has used this cover to create a place for your own masterpiece. Blank pages can be tricky to start off, so I recommend beginning the first page with a Black Honey glossed kiss and a record of the music playing in the next coffee shop you enter.

5. Jigsaw Hammered Bangle Set: The texture of the three bangles is beautiful and really shows the workmanship that went into them. You’ll feel that extra bit awesome knowing that you supported a fair trade product and artist. Well done you global citizen you!

6. Kendra Scott Ashton Earrings in Purple: Paging jeweled chandelier earrings for one. These delicately embellished earrings are the perfect mix of purple jewel tones to tie in with that fabulous purple journal, suede shoes and shiny grin. Be sure to play with them every so often as you scribe your hopes and dreams into the awesome journal. Who knows? Perhaps a delicate symphony will sing softly in your ears, or maybe you’ll just enjoy wearing some super cool earrings.

7. Yves Saint Laurent Purple Suede Platform Shoes: Yves has done it again. The simple platform heel is elevated to covet-able status with the infusion of this glorious purple suede. Do your best Cynthia Nixon strut as you coast along in these puppies.

8. Lanvin Slim Pant: The ultimate in luxury, these beautifully tailored pants really show off all the true hallmarks of designer luxury wear. They will quickly become a staple wardrobe choice with their classic silhouette and easy matching khaki. I love the high waist and can certainly envision Katharine Hepburn gliding along in a pair.

9. Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick: Shhhh, don’t tell everybody. This is just for you lovely readers. Clinique has had a cult following demanding their Black Honey shade ever since its debut on the market in 1971. I’ve actually had to reserve mine a few times, while I waited for the next shipment to come in. You never want to hear the words “Sold Out” at the cosmetic counter.

10. Audrey Brief by Oh La La Cheri Paris: A beautiful corset deserves a beautiful bottom and these briefs from Oh La La Cheri Paris are the perfect pair. Their simple design in a glossy purple satin will be comfortable and you would never know they weren’t a matched set.

Have you been pairing your corsets with any typical everyday clothing lately? I know it can be difficult to do in the cold months, but that just gives you more options for layering now doesn’t it?

I think a good challenge to leave you with today, is to incorporate more color into your outfits. Take some chances and who knows, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a whole lot of compliments.

Happy Thursday everyone!


Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Bridal Trousseau

Many brides look forward to hunting for gorgeous wedding lingerie only to realize that purchasing a piece of lingerie that is both sexy and symbolic of deep commitment can be a tough task. Luckily, Bella Bella Boutique carries options that work for many body types and personalities. We can help whether you're traditional, want to look like a princess, or like your lingerie to be fun and modern.

If you're looking to pull off the simple Old Hollywood glamour style, look no further than this amazing robe by Marika Vera. The SAM Silk Chiffon long gown will help you embrace your inner screen goddess, while the strategically placed slits and leather details will add a sense of exotic fun to your wedding night. 

If you're looking to emphasize your curves, this retro Good Night Gilda Bullseye Silk Babydoll is a nice compromise between modern fabrics and construction and that fun bullet bra look. Full-busted and full figured women will appreciate the full coverage wireless cup for support, and the cut of this babydoll will make your legs look longer and leaner.

If you want to add a hint of color to your traditional white lingerie, this La Lilouche Chloe Silk Bow Tie Suspender Garter Belt is a great way to inject some buttery yellow into your life. The garter belt is finished with a gorgeous hand made bow in the back, which can be tightened or loosened to fit your body size.

 La Lilouche Chloe Silk Bow Tie Suspender Garter Belt

This MC Lounge Silk Chiffon Robe is an edgy yet beautiful take on wedding lingerie. The collar and tie keep it modern, while the French lace cuffs give it a hint of classic glamour.

Finally, trend loving brides should check out the Bordelle Angela Dress or the Nichole de Carle Opal Westminster Brief with Braces. Both pieces are stunning examples of the bondage lingerie trend that is hot right now, and will be classic pieces for years to come.

La Lilouche Chloe Set. (Photo courtesy of eFashionista.ca {we j'adore them!}).

 by: Holly (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique )

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Quote of the Week

In this Quote of the Week we feature the stunning Aida Lace Robe by Sonata Lingerie. Perfect for the bride's trousseau and for the romantic woman in you. Happy Monday to you!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lingerie as Outerwear: Sugar 'N Spice

We all know girls aren’t made of ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’, the Madonnas and Anna Wintours of the world have certainly helped to dispel that myth! But that doesn’t mean we can’t dress that way. Today’s Lingerie as Outerwear outfit is very much an homage to girliness. I was feeling a little Breakfast at Tiffany’s and nostalgic for the Pretty in Pink sartorial splendor that is Molly Ringwald and lo and behold, I had created a pretty nifty little outfit!

The Zinke All Things Nice Lace Jumper really started the whole thing. I love the way it covers up the entire front of the body and exposes the back. It isn’t often a woman’s back is the prime display, which is a shame, because we should look just as fabulous entering the room as leaving.

I paired up the jumper with this high waisted, tiny belted, full skirt that falls just below the knee. The swinging fullness of the black skirt shows off the sensual cling of the sugar colored jumper. The hemline of the skirt doesn’t quite meet the top of these super curvy, lace up boots and offers just a glimpse of leg as you sashay down the sidewalk.

Now, if you aren’t the daring type, by all means, wear some clever shapewear or discrete Nipple covers, however, if you don’t require the support or lift, don’t worry about it. This glamorous cropped, cashmere-blend sweater will only show off the lower half of your torso. The silhouette of this outfit is most definitely that of an hourglass.

The fun earrings will shimmer like a cascading waterfall when you use the Chloe sunglasses as an impromptu hair band. That silver ball wrap bracelet will only come out to jingle and match the Rebecca Minkoff clutch, if you’re swinging your arms as you skip along. The heavenly aroma of cherry blossoms and musk will linger gently as you stop to stain your lips with a hint of warm color from the super-cute tokidoki lip balm. All in all, your outfit has just set the stage for the perfect romantic encounter or a day of window shopping for your next favorite piece of lingerie to wear as outerwear.

1. Zinke All Things Nice Lace Jumper Sugar: This light colored full body jumper features a halter neckline and low ruffled legs. Although the cowl neckline of the sweater will cover up the lovely halter strapped bodice, the cropped hem will give the sexiest glimpse of your fully exposed lower back. It’s no wonder that this Zinke design has become such an instant boudoir favorite.

2. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Clutch in Black: A streamlined, black leather clutch to match those fabulous old world, lace up boots will contrast with the full skirt beautifully. The metallic highlights will pick up the silver accents of your earrings and bracelet without overpowering the look.

3. Herve Leger Cropped Cashmere-Blend Sweater: Cashmere-blend luxury will wrap you up in a cozy hug from shoulder to shoulder. The softly curving cowl neckline and full sleeves offset the angular cutaway hemline. The pink clay color tones down the duality of the white on black and echoes the subtle glimpses of skin.

4. Miriam Haskell for Decades Chain Fringe Earrings: You’ll be tripping along to your own personal beat as these windchime-esque earrings tinkle sweet music in your ears. The linked circles leading to that fabulous chain fringe are too beautiful to cover up, so make sure your hair is pulled away from your face.

5. TN 29 Black Lace Up Heel Boot: Boots like these aren’t made everyday. Your calf exercises will have paid off in spades when you slip your feet into these stunning black leather, lace up, heeled boots. They only come up to your mid calf so they won’t kiss the hemline of your Preen Skirt, but these attention getters are all about feminity and bold choices. Much like your decision to incorporate your lingerie into your outerwear!

6. Maor Cohen Silver Ball Wrap Bracelet: With such large sleeves, it would be easy to forget a bracelet since your arms won’t be seen very much. Nevertheless, who doesn’t love a bit of bling especially when it is an unexpected detail for the sheer joy of wearing a bracelet as fabulous and unusual as this silver ball wrap bracelet?

7. Chloe Round- Frame Acetate Sunglasses: These round-framed sunglasses are so very Audrey Hepburn-ish that I just couldn’t resist. The acetate is in a deep plum and not a basic black, so they bring their own little hit of color in the same palette and range as that decadent sweater. Now, I do realize that it’s winter time and there really isn’t a lot of sunshine to be had, but it has to come out sometime and it’s always better to be prepared.

8. Heaven’s Alchemy Kyoto Perfume: The fruity top notes of apple and melon coast on the deeper undertones of rare amber, inviting musk and sandalwood. However, much like this entire outfit, it is the middle where the real magic happens as the cherry blossom is strengthened enough to round out the bouquet. This luscious scent has been gaining some serious media attention and is sure to be wafting past you down a street in the near future.

9. Tokidoki Gelato Lip Balm Stain: Yes, it’s a little bit silly and a little bit fun, but mostly it’s just a whole lot awesome. This double duty lip balm and lip stain will give you a wash of much needed moisture over a stain of color with a kick of fruity flavor to boot. What more could you ask for?

10. Preen Line Bianca Skirt: If not for the shorter hemline, I would swear that June Cleaver could have worn this fabulous skirt. The high waist with the matching skinny belt is an inspired choice and draws the eyes to the midline right where we want people to notice the delicate lace design of that jumper. It would be impossible to move in this skirt without creating that intoxicating swish of fabric as the pleats open and unfurl with each step.

Well, there you have it folks, yet another contribution to the “Why don’t you let your lingerie out of that drawer?” cause. I would love to hear if I’ve inspired you to try showing off your lingerie, so please drop me a quick line in the comment section. Until next time lovely readers!


Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Harlette: European Finest Lingerie

If any of these gorgeous Harlette pieces look familiar to you, then we suspect you're a fan of Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Several stunning Harlette pieces were used in the show's fourth season, and they've been flying off of our shelves ever since.

The shimmery gold Northern Lights set is a perfect way to break out of the post-holiday slump. The Northern Lights Tie Me Up Bra is made with European tulle and silk, and features delicate hand embroidery. It pairs perfectly with the Northern Lights Tie Me Down Knickers which are finished with silk ties and ostrich feathers. It's a new take on the classic boudoir look.

The Diamonds Are Forever Tie Me Up Bra is the black counterpart to the Northern Lights set, and takes the same pieces in a darker and more sultry direction. If you've ever wanted to star in your own film noir movie, this set is for you. The ties on the Tie Me Down knickers keep the look playful instead of heavy.

The Harlette American Belle line features pink tulle and silk, and has a wide variety of pieces. Fans of more structured bras will love the American Belle Balconette Bra and the American Belle Cheeky Knickers. This set looks like what would happen if the French re-imagined Gone With The Wind.

The Harlette Rendezvous Renaissance Balconette bra is a fabulous piece made of stretch French lace and velvet. The matching knickers are black, sultry, and full of frills. They're sexy enough to impress that special someone, but still accessible enough for everyday wear.

by: Holly (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique )

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