Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lingerie and The Red Carpet

This was the first year I've watched the Oscars in as long as I can remember. I don't usually watch many movies during the year, but I was pretty happy to drink some tea on the couch and watch the biggest fashion parade of the year. While I loved many of the dresses, I couldn't really picture myself in any of them. Thankfully, there's lots of lingerie out there that can make you look just as glamorous and lovely. In fact, there are even lots of direct translations of these looks out there by lingerie designers. If you're like me and are more inclined to invest in glamorous underwear than outerwear, this guide is definitely for you.

Milla Jovovich

Several women wore Elie Saab dresses on the red carpet, but I thought Milla's was the best. This one shoulder dress looks great on her, and the material is girly and pretty without entering the overly fussy category. Her classic Hollywood hairstyle and bright red lips are just icing on the cake (without making her look like she was doing a bad imitation of one). She also doesn't look like she's late for her own wedding, which is easy to do when you're wearing a formal all-white dress. 

If you're coveting this easy feminine all white look, this Aida Lace Robe by Sonata Lingerie is for you. The soft white lace falls into that feminine yet not fussy category, and the neckline looks lovely on everyone. If you're trying to channel old Hollywood glamour, the sleeves on this robe are the perfect way to start. 

Rose Byrne

I loved this Vivienne Westwood dress, which made me a little nervous because Rose Byrne is known for wearing some really strange things. However, I think this sparkly black dress is perfect on her. I love dresses with that column shape, and again the one shoulder detail makes her look tall rather than lopsided. The fabric is sparkly enough to make a strong impression instead of making you wonder whether she's put on a very comfortable trash bag for the evening.

To replicate this great dress, try the Lola Haze Signature Whisper Slip in Black. The metallic mesh underlayer will provide plenty of sparkle, and the scoop neckline works beautifully solo or under your favorite dress. 

Jessica Chastain 

Jessica Chastain can do no wrong in my book, and seems to be everywhere these days. She's talented, she's pretty, and she's been ruling the red carpet lately. This dress by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen is another great look for her. It could easily look like something out of a pirate movie if done wrong, but instead she looks classy and put together.

Emulate her easy elegance in this Diva bra and knicker set by Sonata Lingerie, which blends the best elements of this dress and transforms it into a sexy and elegant lingerie set. 

Emma Stone

Continuing on with our well-dressed tour of The Help cast, we arrive at Emma Stone. It takes guts to wear a bright red dress with a giant bow beside your head as a redhead, but she pulled it off superbly. This awards season has been a little hit or miss for her, so it was nice to see her looking so happy and put together at this event.

This Pati.Olie Barcelona Corset is the perfect companion piece to Emma's Giambattista Valli dress. It's bright red, full of drama, and completely fun and unexpected. If you pair it with a long skirt for your next formal event you'll have a look that is equally red carpet worthy. 

Penelope Cruz

Thank you, Penelope Cruz, for wearing blue. I love blue, and she looks great in this dress that is an absolute classic. The dress has volume without overwhelming her, and her jewelry is understated while still adding enough sparkle to the look.

If you too are a fan of blue, this Fair Verona Bellini Romper is a great take on this dress. It's sheer and sexy, but also fit for a princess.

by Holly ( Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)
photos via

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Karol Martins Lingerie: Ballerina Lover

When lingerie designer, Karol Martins, sent us the lookbook of her new collection with a Ballet theme, it was love at first sight. Not only because we love Ballet, but her handmade lingerie and details are so darling and the styles of this range are so beautiful we wanted to share it with you.

Karol Martins makes exclusive, limited lingerie collections inspired in vintage and are tailored to perfection. Her pieces are crafted and handmade in her studio in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

We have carried Karol Martins before and we are taking special orders for the Ballerina Lover collection until March 10th. If you're interested in any of the styles here and would like to order them or request more information, just send us an e-mail to: Click here to peruse the lookbook and to see the complete collection in greater details.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Quote of the Week

In this Quote of the Week we feature the romantic Bed & Breakfast Babydoll and Hello Romeo Robe by Fair Verona's new collection, Jetset Daydream. Happy Monday to you!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lingerie as Outerwear: Casual Chic

What a messed up winter we’re having this year! I’m never sure how to dress for the office these days because the temperatures are zooming up and down willy nilly. I think I need to take old man Winter out back and give him what for! I don’t care if it’s Winter or Spring... just make up your mind and stick with one for a reasonable period of time!

I’ve been dreaming of taking a mini break vacation; just a weekend so I can go somewhere and experience somewhat predictable weather. I may also be feeling that old cabin fever again and looking for an escape. Since I can’t actually jet off to a sunny locale or a wintry retreat, I decided I would create an outfit and play pretend. Our destination of choice today is partly cloudy, not too hot and not too cold Bermuda, land of the variable weather patterns that aren’t quite as extreme as around here.

Considering the island has a history as a previous British Colony, I though I would go for a slightly polished, almost nautical and country club-ish look. But wait, how does one wear lingerie as outerwear at a super posh yacht club? Never you fear, my fashion friends, where there’s a will there’s a way.

Let’s start off with the lingerie. Zinke has the perfect romper to build this outfit up. The lazy, deep V-neck of the top is offset nicely by the full coverage of the cups. You can keep that beautifully proportioned, white, button down shirt unbuttoned all the way to your sternum without worrying that you’re showing off an unreasonable amount of cleavage.

Make sure you tuck the shirt into the waistline of these amazing Stella McCartney corduroy pants, so the button top details can be fully appreciated. Your heeled oxford shoes will be on full display thanks to the ankle length of your pants, so don’t let the laces drag. Although I would highly recommend that you not take them out for a walk on Elbow Beach, heels and sand are never a fun combo.

Your earrings deserve a little face time, so be sure to pull your hair back in a loose chignon and show off those highlights, real or faux, with some Oribe gold hair pomade. Cocktails out on the patio of the Swizzle Inn can get blustery, so don’t worry too much about the neatness of your hair. Those rings won’t take well to tangling in and it’s hard to look all Jackie O., when you need to beg for the bartender’s help to unwind your unruly tresses from your lovely crystal and gold rings.

Never fear, you can recover nicely by jauntily grabbing your super sexy bag heading to the ladies room for a quick spritz of Heaven’s Alchemy and a blush busting daubing of highlighting bronzer. When you reappear, your dear friends will have a fresh dark and stormy ready and far safer seats at the bar.

Who knew there were so many potential avenues of danger for a klutzy lingerista?

1. Zinke Circa39 Romper: I love this romper for two reason. 1. It’s made of super soft, hammered silk and 2. It flashes me back to the delicately feminine lingerie of the 1920’s flapper era. The frill around the middle will be tucked in for this outfit, but would look lovely untucked with a skirt or more formal pair of trousers.

2. Sequin Peach Cluster Ring: The sweet pink crystal will pick up the pretty highlights of your tear drop earrings and the beautiful streaming gold highlights in your hair.

3. Ralph Lauren Collection Peg Oxford Pump: I’m pretty taken with these casual oxford pumps! The 3 ½ “ stacked heel is a bit unusual and elevates them to a more femininely dressy status.

4. Gabrielle Sanchez Rutilated Quartz Small Teardrop Earrings: Not too big, not too small, just right! Goldilocks would be proud and you’re going to love the way they can match so many different outfits. These will quickly become a wardrobe favourite; especially when paired up with the lovely rings I’ve chosen too!

5. Benefit Sun Beam: Benefit brings bronzer into the new millenia by capturing a few golden rays in their easy to carry bottle. Sun Beam is a pretty cool way to fake a few hours spent cavorting on a beach in a healthy and non-comedogenic way!

6. DanniJo Naomi Collar Necklace:The solid band of color on this necklace is a bold statement piece that will have your friends oohing and ahhing over your fabulous taste. The open back and the way that it is designed to glide along your collarbones makes it the perfect choice to stand out from the that fine leather jacket.

7. Stella McCartney Skinny Ankle Corduroy Pants: Did you ever envision corduroy as being a fitting frame for high end, luxury lingerie? No? Well, we’re all about breaking down conventions and challenging expectations here. It doesn’t hurt that these skinny, ankle length pants are pretty much the coolest pair of corduroys I’ve seen in a really long time.

8. Michael Kors Skorpios Ring Tote Khaki Canvas: The slouchy nature of this bag is the perfect casually cool accompaniment to this upper class relaxed look! It’s large enough to hold all of your essentials for a fun night out and the classic fabric and leather combo set off the deep colors of your sexy blazer.

9. Campbell and Kate Signature White Shirt: A plain white dress shirt is one of those things I have coveted from afar for a really long time. You see, the majority of them are styled for women with no more than a C cup and I am fairly even proportioned except in the bust department. So, what may seem like a basic wardrobe staple to most of the population, is only a pipe dream for me and those of my ilk. I found these shirts through twitter and am thoroughly impressed with their design and attention to detail. They haven’t just been sized up all over, nope they have been designed to fit the figure properly while accommodating a larger bust size! Genius!

10. Oribe 24 Karat Gold Pomade: Haircare just jumped up to the next level. This 24 karat pomade actually contains 24 karat gold flakes, so you know that your high powered shine is genuine. Perfect for catching those stray hairs that try to run free, this pomade will leave you with just enough control, while nourishing each strand.

11. Heaven’s Alchemy Milan Perfume: It’s a shame you can’t find a way to walk around with the bottle because it really is gorgeous! You’ll just have to settle for showing off the scent and beguiling all the noses close by. The blend of rare amber and patchouli sets the stage for the top notes of coriander and clean green to really round out the experience.

12. Zara Simon Harp Ring: This multi strand gold ring is visually stunning and perfectly simplistic. The 18 karat gold plating and spectacular texture of each individual ring in the set makes it the perfect mix and match jewelry.

13. Rachel Zoe Sullivan Tailored Leather Blazer: Rachel Zoe has me swooning with this blazer. The leather looks buttery soft and has that vintage, well worn and perfectly molded to your unique figure quality that has me combing vintage stores with a semi-obsessive glee. The medium brown tone is a lovely neutral to better show off your crisp white shirt and that light and airy romper beneath.

Is it sad that even in my daydreams I’m clumsy? Meh, it makes it more realistic that way! I wonder where next week’s outfit will be going? Tune in next time when our coordination-challenged fashion blogger takes her lingerie out on the town for another mini break outfit!

Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Fab Fit Formula with Ali Cudby

The lovely Ali Cudby, author of book "Busted! The Fab Foundation Guide to Bras That Fit, Flatter and Feel Fantastic" gave us permission to reproduce her Fab Fit Formula article from the latest issue of  the trade publication magazine, The Best of Intima, to share with you, our readers. Hope you enjoy it. Interested in buying her book? Click here.

The Fab Fit Formula:

1) Your best bra fit is an important part of your physical and emotional healthy. Not only can proper bra fit be a matter of self-esteem, but it's also an important element in a woman's physical health. Many women suffer from chronic headaches, backeches and shoulder pain as a result of ill-fitting bras. Even worse, large-busted women who carry too much of the weight of their breasts in their straps can end up with divots in their shoulders and occasionally humps in their backs. The most common ill-effects are those women fear most - namely, sagging and stretch marks.

2) Bodies are not one-size-fits-all so bra measurement systems shouldn't be either. If a single bra measurement system worked, women would not get their size wrong so often. Too often, when women attempt these uniform measuring approaches to bra size, they end up assuming that subsequent failures are somehow their fault. Many women even presume that their bodies are somehow "wrong". That message is not only harmful to women, but also bad for the industry. It's important that understand that bras exist for their unique bodies, it's just a matter of finding them.

3) Focus on fit instead of size. There are few standards for fit when it comes to bras. Sizes differ from brand to brand, and even within brands there are differences from design to design. Not every style is right for every body type, and how a woman carries her breast tissue can have an impact on wheter or not a bra works on her body. And then there are the cup size progression differences among wonder women are confused and frustrated! The way around the dilemma is to ignore size and focus on fit. In other words, you don't have a bra size.

4) Assess your fit in the band, cup, bridge, and straps. Understanding how these key elements of the bra should fit is the meat and potatoes of finding a bra that will have women looking and feeling amazing.

5) Determine your body type. Even ten years ago, the selection of bras was much narrower than today. Boutiques and lingerie departments are now stocked with brands specifically designed for petitem full-busted and full figured women. Cup sizes range from AAA to N...and continue to expand. When women understand their individual bodies and what works best for them, it becomes easier to optimize fit, and the shopping experience.

6) Always try on a bra to know how it fits your unique body. At the end of the day, it's great fr a women to understand her body type and how a bra should feel...but that's all theory. Fit ultimately comes down to how a bra works on a woman's body, and that means trying it on. A retailer who knows thei nventory and how bras fit a variety of bodies is irreplaceable in the quest from bra brilliance.

7) Buy fewer bras of better quality. The amount of design and engineering that goes into a qality garment is often misunderstood and underappreciated by customers. A bra that fits well - and continues to fit properly over the life of a bra - means investing in quality. In the end, a quality garment will provide better value because it will maintain its ability to lift and support for a longer eriod of time.

8) Take care of your bras to get the most mileage for your money. Lingerie requires particular care in order to maximize its lifetime. When you're investing in quality garments, it is important to take care of them properly. Women often ask how long a bra should last, and the answer must be "it depends", because the effort women make (or don't) in laundering their garments has to be factored into the equation.

by Ali Cudby

A little secret...
La Lilouche is one of our designers who offer made to measure lingerie.

Another way to assure you get the perfect bra fit is to have your lingerie custom made by your exact measurements. Bella Bella Boutique understands that shopping online for a bra is challenging and to make it a positive experience, we offer personal consultations by phone and via e-mail and we work with some amazing lingerie designers who offer bespoke services. Don't hesitate to give us a call or to send us an e-mail when in doubt or want something made specially for you.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fair Verona - Jetset Daydream

What do you get when you combine Shakespearean frills with the jetset lifestyle? The newest collection from Fair Verona, of course.

Fair Verona's last collection was a mix of Elizabethan ruffles and bright colors, but for this season Fair Verona has taken their line in a totally different direction. Their "Jetset Daydream" collection is realized in simple black and creme, and combines their signature sexy ruffles with 40's inspired designs.

Take, for instance, the Old World Swirl Romper and Old World Swirl Lace Pant. Paired together, they make a sexy and sheer boudoir outfit, but by adding a great hat I can also picture Katherine Hepburn lounging around in them while giving orders to a helpless Cary Grant. I suspect that in a reality that is not populated by classic movie stars, the romper would pair perfectly with a pencil skirt and sky high heels for a night out.

For fans of last season's girly soft cup bras and silk panties, Fair Verona has brought back similar styles in both black and creme. Their Rosaline Crop Cami is sheer, but maintains a sweetness. It can be paired with the flirty Giulietta Skirted Panty or the old fashioned Rosaline Bloomers {coming soon}. Depending on how you combine these pieces you can achieve a strong barely-there bedroom look or a more demure one.

The Hello Romeo Robe has definite Elizabethan accents, and drapes beautifully. It could also double as a wrap for travel, or just for relaxing at the coffee shop. The robe is thigh length, and the wide sleeves give it extra glamour.

All of these pieces would go well with a vintage hat or two, along with some glittery vintage jewelry. How are you planning to accessorize these pieces?

by Holly ( Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Body Sculpt Wraps

Like many other women, I resolved to lose a certain amount of weight this year back in January. I'm slowly making progress on my goal (13 pounds!), but I have to admit that sometimes I wish for a magical solution for my problem areas. Right now, it's my thighs and my stomach.

This week, Bella Bella Boutique is introducing new Body Sculpt Wraps which may be the answer to my problem area prayers. As a child of two scientists, I wanted to know how these wraps worked so I went digging around for some information on the internet. The active ingredient in these wraps is COQ10, which is a coenzyme and a powerful antioxidant. COQ10 is found in various foods such as avocados, and has all kinds of health benefits.

The Body Sculpt Wraps act like a detox treatment and a fat burner for the cells in the area that come into contact with the wrap. The wrap purges the toxins and fat from the cells, and then aids in burning extra fat in that area. You can use the wrap once a week, and you'll lose 1 to 3 inches each time you use it. These wraps can target the thighs, waist, or your arms.

Since the wrap works at the cellular level, the results won't disappear after a few days. Obviously you'll see greater results over time with a healthy diet and exercise, or by drinking water and green tea in large amounts, but these wraps are great as a spot treatment for areas where you feel like you aren't getting the results that you want.

by Holly ( Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

Here is some before/after pictures of actual clients using the Body Scultp Wraps:

* Remember to consume 75% of your daily diet from green foods for optimal health and nutrition. Powder Green Foods are an excellent choice for a busy lifestyle, but also try to consume raw greens if you can. {Healthy Tip Courtesy of M3 Lifestyle} *

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Quote of the Week

In this Quote of the Week we feature the stunning Elena Corset by Nicole Gill from London. Happy Monday to you!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Andres Sarda Lingerie Autumn/Winter 2012

We love Fashion Shows, specially if it involves lingerie. The super talented Spanish lingerie designer, Andres Sarda, showcased his Autumn/Winter 2012 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on February 2, in Madrid, Spain and we wanted to share it with you. Feathers, embellishments, fringe, and of course, lots of lace were the main focus of this lovely collection. Andres Sardas never disappoints, always bringing excitement, luxury, and high fashion to his lingerie, lucky us! What's your favorite look from this range?

(Photos by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)

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