The Fab Fit Formula with Ali Cudby

The lovely Ali Cudby, author of book "Busted! The Fab Foundation Guide to Bras That Fit, Flatter and Feel Fantastic" gave us permission to reproduce her Fab Fit Formula article from the latest issue of  the trade publication magazine, The Best of Intima, to share with you, our readers. Hope you enjoy it. Interested in buying her book? Click here.

The Fab Fit Formula:

1) Your best bra fit is an important part of your physical and emotional healthy. Not only can proper bra fit be a matter of self-esteem, but it's also an important element in a woman's physical health. Many women suffer from chronic headaches, backeches and shoulder pain as a result of ill-fitting bras. Even worse, large-busted women who carry too much of the weight of their breasts in their straps can end up with divots in their shoulders and occasionally humps in their backs. The most common ill-effects are those women fear most - namely, sagging and stretch marks.

2) Bodies are not one-size-fits-all so bra measurement systems shouldn't be either. If a single bra measurement system worked, women would not get their size wrong so often. Too often, when women attempt these uniform measuring approaches to bra size, they end up assuming that subsequent failures are somehow their fault. Many women even presume that their bodies are somehow "wrong". That message is not only harmful to women, but also bad for the industry. It's important that understand that bras exist for their unique bodies, it's just a matter of finding them.

3) Focus on fit instead of size. There are few standards for fit when it comes to bras. Sizes differ from brand to brand, and even within brands there are differences from design to design. Not every style is right for every body type, and how a woman carries her breast tissue can have an impact on wheter or not a bra works on her body. And then there are the cup size progression differences among wonder women are confused and frustrated! The way around the dilemma is to ignore size and focus on fit. In other words, you don't have a bra size.

4) Assess your fit in the band, cup, bridge, and straps. Understanding how these key elements of the bra should fit is the meat and potatoes of finding a bra that will have women looking and feeling amazing.

5) Determine your body type. Even ten years ago, the selection of bras was much narrower than today. Boutiques and lingerie departments are now stocked with brands specifically designed for petitem full-busted and full figured women. Cup sizes range from AAA to N...and continue to expand. When women understand their individual bodies and what works best for them, it becomes easier to optimize fit, and the shopping experience.

6) Always try on a bra to know how it fits your unique body. At the end of the day, it's great fr a women to understand her body type and how a bra should feel...but that's all theory. Fit ultimately comes down to how a bra works on a woman's body, and that means trying it on. A retailer who knows thei nventory and how bras fit a variety of bodies is irreplaceable in the quest from bra brilliance.

7) Buy fewer bras of better quality. The amount of design and engineering that goes into a qality garment is often misunderstood and underappreciated by customers. A bra that fits well - and continues to fit properly over the life of a bra - means investing in quality. In the end, a quality garment will provide better value because it will maintain its ability to lift and support for a longer eriod of time.

8) Take care of your bras to get the most mileage for your money. Lingerie requires particular care in order to maximize its lifetime. When you're investing in quality garments, it is important to take care of them properly. Women often ask how long a bra should last, and the answer must be "it depends", because the effort women make (or don't) in laundering their garments has to be factored into the equation.

by Ali Cudby

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Samantha T. said…
love love this post, awesome information and love to know that you offer bespoke too. I'm getting married in September and will be contacting you for some bridal lingerie. So excited!!
Sexy Lingerie said…
This is a very complete guide! Especially the point about buying fewer bras but better quality ones - I used to own hundreds of Primark and La Senza bras, now I have less but they're all by luxury brands and they just fit and look so much better.