Bella Bella is proud to introduce: BELACREMA - ONE CREME

PURITY.SIMPLICITY.BEAUTY. Passed down over four generations, this European secret is known as BELACREMA®, a luxurious natural skin care formula that uses elements in nature that work synergistically delivering the most effective anti-aging and rejuvenating benefits.
BELACREMA® is made in Switzerland using only the purest ingredients with no harsh chemicals, dyes or fragrances. Indulgently rich, it joins vitamins A, D and E with glycerin, tannins and sweet almond oil to create a synergistic formula that seemingly does it all: moisturizes, lifts, strengthens, smooth, purify, repairs, calms, tightens skin . It can even be used as an eye cream.

One Creme works especially well with its sister product, One Masque. But even if you do not opt for both, using either BELACREMA product with the rest of your skincare regimen—even prescriptions like Retin-A—will probably bring out the best in them!

We are proud to offer you this European Potion of Youth. Enjoy a younger you!
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