Body Waxing: How to Make It Hurt Less!

We just read this nice article on Glamour Magazine about Body Waxing and wanted to share it with you on a few tips on "How to Make It Hurt Less". Here it goes:

1.Trim hair to a half inch ahead of time. No shorter, or it will be hard for the wax to grab it. Long hairs take more time to pull out. Who needs even another millisecond of pain?

2. Book the Appointment for at least a week after your period; the area can be sensitive the week before menstruation.

3. Apply a Topical Anesthetic 30 to 45 minutes before waxing. A popular one, and not just because of its name: Relax and Wax No-Scream, $19.50 at Dermstore. Also take an Ibuprofen before hitting the salon.

Bella Bella would add:

4. Bring in your Ipod: Listen to your favorite music or watch a video/movie, that will help you to distract too. Need a good compilation? Try our iMix on iTunes for chilling and lounge finest music!

Happy Waxing Everyone!

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Mutuelle sante said…
Thank you it is a fantastic support, now to make it hurt less! is without a doubt simple with the help of your tips. Thanks