Aphrodisiac Oysters

We recently discovered "The Cook in Heels" video series on aphrodisiac foods and recipes and found it interesting to share it with you. The author is a filmmaker with background in advertising and commercial directing which happens to be a good cook and believes when we are eating is a very sensuous experience as we are using all our senses. He states that "When it comes to aphrodisiacs, he believes they are as much about external factors as the purported chemical or physiological effects of the food itself. Otherwise we would all be driven to sexual frenzy anytime and anywhere we ate a plate of oysters". In addition, he states "I subscribe to the notion that if you think it’s sexy, it is. After all, the largest sexual organ is the brain".

Enjoy this tantalizing Oysters Rockefeller recipe video. Click play below and enjoy! Click here for the recipe in full text.

The Cook in Heels gets a little wet from the Cook in Heels on Vimeo.

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Rafaela said…
Wow! This is a great recipe, will be trying it soon!