Lola Luna New Styles Arrival: SHEERAZADE + HONEYMOON

With an Arabian Nights touch and real exotic flavour, Sheerazade style is made of thin tulle embroidered in gold lamé with crochet motifs in golden thread & adorned with velvet stripes, and uplifted by gold plated adorning each sides of this magnifique g-string. Made in France.

Honeymoon is a romantic and sensual style made of fine embroidered tulle hemlined with a floral embroidery on the upper part and at the back. Two little rhinestones adorn the g-string on each side and a chainlet with a moon crescent pendant brushes your intimacy. Perfect for your wedding night and honeymoon! Made in France.

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Adrienne Smith said…
Love, love, love the first one, so unique and chic!!