Meet the Buxom Babes

We love Bare Escentuals makeup line and have discovered Buxom, a sexy and girly new line by Bare Escentuals. What got our attention first was the adorable modern pin-up girls illustration for the collection. We have yet to try this new line as we are sure it's as wonderful as the classic range but with a sexy twist.

Buxom is an irresistible lust for life, where aspirations become reality and imagination has no boundaries. It all started in the Bare Escentuals office in San Francisco with Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish, and it keeps growing every day. The healthy, vivid, and sensual formulas are makeup you can feel. While Buxom is seriously passionate about great color and results, they don't take themselves, or any rules, too seriously. Adopt these rules, and you'll be a true Buxom girl in no time. Raise a few eyebrows and leave your inhibitions behind. In essence, live life vividly.

For more details visit the official website by clicking here.

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Danielle Bitencourt said…
Love Bare Escential too! This new colection is adorable and will check it out!