Brazelle - Glamorous Jewelry Bra Accessory

We are thrilled to introduce for the very first time in the USA the amazing British label, Brazelle.

Brazelle is a brand new and revolutionary jewelry bra accessory designed as a solution to replace unsightly visible bra straps. It combines both the lingerie and jewelry worlds into one and creates its own unique category. It's designed to effortlessly attach to any multi-way bra or corset and its inter-changeable strap easily ties halter neck style. Brazelle luxurious and glamorous products are designed in London by Lucy Morello, and are hand finished by Italian artisans.

Brazelle set comes with a strapless bra in classic Nude color, a black silk strap, a bikini strap which is thinner than the silk, and a set of jewelry clips. The clips choices are 18K Yellow Gold Plated or Silver Rhodium. You can wear Brazelle clip and silk strap with any of your strapless bras too!

This must be the most beautiful bra accessory meant to show off and we are taking quite a few clips for ourselves! Want more info or ready to buy it? Click here and get glamourous with Brazelle!

How to Wear Brazelle

The Many Ways to Wear Brazelle

The Presentation {it makes a beautiful gift!}

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Mel said…
OMG!!!!!!!This is gorgeous, exactly what I need for an event next month. Shopping here I go! xxx Melissa
solange pietro said…
this is the most beautiful bra strap I have seen, truly a master piece! love it!
Amalia said…
Stunning! sooo in love with this!
Paola M. said…
wow, this is simply gorgeous! I'm looking for a gift for my best friend for her birthday and I think she'll love this. :)
debbie said…
Gorgeous all the way, super unique, haven't seen fashion bra straps this beautiful!! *swoon*
rebecca dion said…
Beautiful! Love the concept! xo
Julie said…
These are really gorgeous, what can I say. :D

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Jes said…
What a great idea. They are stunning!