Lingerie as Outerwear: Pink and Black All Over

Now that the end of the Holiday season is in view, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on all of the recent fashion trends that have been dominating the parties and soirees. Generally, women’s formal fashions have appeared to fall into two categories 1) What looks like prom wear, full of satin, ruching, random sequins and hemlines so short you can see the belly piercing and 2) Traditional, suit-like, business formal attire that is dark, drab and most definitely covers every available piece of skin. Can you tell that I’m not overly impressed with either option?

If you aren’t 17 anymore, then it may be time to hang up the prom gear, although kudos for still being able to fit into it! Everyone sees you at the office wearing your standard uniform of blazer, long skirt, button down shirt and sensible shoes, isn’t a holiday party the time to break out of the mold a bit?

So, I started thinking about what a fashionable woman could do to avoid either of the above mocked problems. I decided that it all came down to starting with the right building blocks. So, I began with a killer slip from Lola Haze’s Signature Collection. This slip, although meant as an underlayer, is so finely constructed, with such rich colors, that it deserves to be put on show.

Naturally, with so much pink throughout, I choose a blush of a lip color to coordinate. MAC’s Viva Glam V is the very best mix between pink, brown and berry and casts a natural healthy glow. The addition of the plum berry and brown tones, keeps the pink from becoming too bubble gum and delving into the prom wear danger zone. The lipstick, the satin clutch and the slip all work together to keep the outfit from verging too closely on depressed Winona’s Beetlejuice fashion choices and keeps the look in a sexy, sienna-hued nod to the 20’s.

I didn’t want to hide the Whisper Slip underneath any opaque layers, so I paired it up with a Lace Overlay Dress from Alice By Temperley. The metallic sheen of the slip will further illuminate the intricate diamante detailing throughout the dress without the elements competing with one another. It doesn’t hurt that I absolutely love the lace work that manges to be mesmerizing without being too busy.

I don’t know about you, but my feet have been encased in high heels for the better part of a month now, with no time off for good behavior. Who said that you could only wear heels when dressing up for Holiday parties and events? Certainly not me, and with all the glitz and glam of our slip and dress, these fabulous patent leather, ballet flats are just what the podiatrist ordered! You won’t have to worry about toweringly tall heels and can skip past all of the stumbling prom queens in their stilt heels as you get to the ladies room first without flashing your underwear choices to the assembled guests.

With so much bling in the outfit, I felt pretty safe going with an understated black leather bracelet with a personalized fingerprint bead from Sway Silver, the Black Cluster Ring from House of Harlow and the Eddie Borgo Pave Cone earrings. By not drawing a ton of attention to themselves, the jewelry works as supporting actors, strengthening the ensemble cast of the outfit. They’re like that super cool, ‘Easter egg’ bonus clip that you stumble upon in your favourite DVD.

I am completely smitten with this outfit and am envisioning some fabulous flapper-ish hairdos to go along with it! It makes me want to cuddle up, watch Chicago and practice my dance moves. What do you think of it all? Would you be willing to stand out from the pack and rock my Flapper-Chic look?

1. Lola Haze Signature Whisper Slip in Pink: This slip features a double layer of sheer materials that create enough of an opacity to allow for public display. The super soft, nylon stretch mesh and metallic mesh are cut to allow ease of movement and a figure skimming fit. The dual hemlines allow the two fabrics to play off of one another and highlight the neckline and lower hemline. This is one slip that needs to be seen!

2. MAC Viva Glam V Lipstick : I would be willing to bet that every woman has at least one shade of MAC’s Viva Glam lipstick in her arsenal. This shade is a soft plumy pink brown. It gives the barest blush of colour to lips while imbuing them with that moisture rich formula and just a hint of satiny shine. Knowing that every cent from each Viva Glam sold goes directly to the MAC Aids Foundation, will give you one more reason to smile.

3. Seamless, Reversible, V-Front ,No-Wire, Softcup Bra:Keeping with our theme of comfort and ease of motion, I have selected a wirefree softcup bra that will blend in under the slip, keep you cozily contained and thoroughly relieved not to have to struggle with any hyper architectured shapewear. While the other women are gaging their ability to eat another hors d’oeuvre by the room left in their constrictive support garments, you can smile and reach for another canape as your stretchy softcup bra and lace thong move with you.

4. Valentino Bow Satin Clutch: With a dress as sparkly and embellished as the see through lace, it would be easy to go understated when it comes to your handbag. But why should it take a backseat when Valentino creates a clutch as spectacular as this? The giant bow adorning the front of this satin clutch is so very over the top that it can hold it’s own with this brilliantly gleaming outfit!

5. House of Harlow Black Cluster Ring: I love this ring. The fact that it takes three finger spaces and is darkly mysterious only enhances it’s charm when set against the delicate lace of the dress and subtle sheen of the slip. It picks up on the substantial feel of the leather band on the bracelet without coming off as clunky.

6. Hanky Panky Original Style Thong: This thong sits on the hips and features a sexy V waistline to highlight the natural curves of your body. The thong is as comfortable as they come and will basically disappear underneath the lovely slip. A great basic wardrobe staple that you can depend on for comfort and fashion.

7. BCBG Gracey Flower Detail Ballet Flat: The holiday season has been trucking along for so long that you must be sick of the heels by now. These delicate ballet flats will have you walking, dancing and mingling comfortably while all of the other guests do the flamingo leg trying to give their poor tired feet some release. The lovely bow and patent leather keep this shoe from looking too casual or childish. Be sure to moisturize your gams before you go out because, thanks to the short hem of this dress and the shiny leather on you feet, all eyes will be on your legs.

8. Alice By Temperley Lace Overlay Dress: Doesn’t this sumptuous lace overlay dress bring to mind a carefree evening, filled with dance, jazz and prohibition frivolity? Although, the slip beneath is too drab, so I would much rather substitute the handmade Lola Haze Signature Whisper Slip and have the metallic mesh underlay compliment the glittering diamante embellishment. The high neckline and long sleeves are a beautiful frame for the slip’s low, scoop neckline and thin spaghetti shoulder straps. The solid black lines of the lace echo the black accents of the jewelry and let the slip take center stage as the true focal point of the outfit.

9. Eddi Borgo Pave Cone Studs: The short hem of both slip and the lace dress inspired me to look for a stud earring that could still pick up the subtle shimmer of the dress without being over the top glam. I wanted an understated piece that could stand alone too. The cone shape of these magnificent earrings is an interesting departure from traditional studs and evokes a certain hardness that offsets the uber feminity of the dress and clutch. I get an alternative, body modification sense from these studs that makes me want to show them off and not hide them behind long loose tresses.

10. Sway Silver Fine Fingerprint Bead on Leather: Keep your memories close at hand, even when you’re out on the town with this fabulous fingerprint bead on a leather thong. Artisan craftsmanship and heirloom keepsake quality make this a piece of jewelry fit for any occasion. I love that it can be personalized with your own fingerprint or that of a loved one. Such a great conversation piece will certainly help you through yet another party full of small talk and strangers.

Can’t wait to show you the next outfit I’ve been working on!

Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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