Lingerie as Outerwear: Rocking the Casual

After all of the dressing up and fancy evenings of the past month, I just couldn’t fathom another “Glam Look” for our weekly Lingerie as Outerwear adventure. Instead, I decided to see how we can flaunt our lingerie in broad daylight/nightlight while kicking the “Upper Class, Rocker Chic” look. After all, even if you aren’t dining with the folks who sign your paychecks, you still want to go out on the town to kick back and relax once in a while.

To start the look off right, I wanted some lingerie that was more than a little edgy. Maybe it revealed a bit more skin or curve than was technically appropriate or maybe it danced on the line of overtly sexy and passably demure. Once again, Lola Haze answers the call with her Signature Romper. Thanks to an artfully placed slit in the middle of the romper’s upper portion of black mesh, the metallic mesh layer below shimmers from within. It will playfully reveal a gentle curve and nothing more. Just enough of a tantalizing tease to bring this romper out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. For those of you who feel the need to keep that gentle curve contained and hidden from view, I included an optional strapless bra from Ritratti. It’s good to have choices.

Since we’re going for a “Rocker Chic” vibe, the natural choice of bottom fell to denim. I’ve killed about 12 pairs of stockings this holiday season, so I wanted to incorporate some clothing that was comfortable, well worn and had deliberate holes. Everyone has at least one pair of tried, tested and true jeans, that are their go-to pants for a night out. They always look good, they always feel right and quite frankly, as holey as they are, they hold a lot of memories. So, I found us a pair of Diesel jeans that fit the bill. Their slim legs are on trend, yet the distressed finish gives them street cred for plenty of prior partying.

The look was still a little too casual and easy going until I added in the stiletto boots, high-sheen black leather bag, silver and black metallic jewelry and then we had all the elements you need for a great concert or night at the local pub. But, I felt, it needed something a bit unexpected, something with a very little, teeny, tiny bit of color. It wasn’t until I put it all together, that I realized that the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Jacket screamed out Heathers. But, it really is that perfect bit of aristocratic style to balance the sensual nature of the romper. The peach accents in the nail polish, lip gloss and plaid pattern on the jacket, keep the dark tones at bay and are also a nod to the passing of the Winter Solstice and the lengthening of the days! The somewhat relaxed structuring of the blazer is in keeping with our loose romper and worn-in, boyfriend jean. All in all, this is an outfit that shows off all of your best attributes in a cozy, comfortable style.

  1. Lola Haze Signature Romper: The gentle gauzey drape of this romper is perfect for pairing with your favourite jeans. The spaghetti straps don’t leave room for a bra, so you’ll need to go strapless, if your bust requires the support and coverage.
  2. Illamasqua Nail Polish in Lament : This bright, coral pink shade will pick up the orangey- red tones in the plaid of the jacket and give you a real pop of color too. Now that the drab old winter has finally shown up, we can all use a little bit sunshine at our fingertips.
  3. Alexander McQueen Faithful Glossed-Leather Tote : With such a relaxed look, I didn’t want anything too fussy or embellished for the bag. Most people assume a “Rocker Chic” style requires extra bling, fringe and cow bell, but a really high-quality leather in a minimalist, but solid, design will have the same authenticity without distracting from the entire outfit.
  4. Diesel Blue Jean Navy :Diesel nails the design of these jeans perfectly. I couldn’t ask for more wear and tear if they had come from a consignment or vintage shop. The fact that they’re new and the skinny legs work harmoniously with our chosen bootie is just cake!
  5. LORAC Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick :When you need a high-voltage shine to match the iridescence of the romper, Lorac is the way to go. Try ‘Vintage’ for a nude look and to pick up the coral in your nails and jacket!
  6. Ippolita Sterling Silver Black Resin Earrings in Mother of Pearl Doublet :These drop earrings will dangle and glimmer in line with your pearly smile and high wattage liquid Lipstick, so be sure to brush well and don’t eat any poppy seed muffins. All eyes will be drawn to your grin tonight!
  7. Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Petite Jacket :Over-sized plaid on a feminine cut blazer? Absolutely! The gray, black and coral shades in the blazer break up the solid tones of the romper, jeans, bag and boots. With a deeply revealing v-button-front, your necklace and romper will be on show at all times. The long sleeves and waist length hemline will keep you covered and warm even in the few frosty minutes between the cab and the warm, inner sanctum of the bar.
  8. David Yurman Black Onyx Hematite and Sterling Silver Long Necklace:The minimalist beading and long drape of this David Yurman necklace highlights the silvery glint of the romper and your drop earrings. Luckily, the low scoop neckline of the romper means that the bottom of the necklace won’t be lost in your layers and will sit happily atop your cleavage.
  9. Alexander Wang Aymeline Stiletto Boot: Can you believe I heard these boots calling out to me over the internet? True story! Check out that wickedly dangerous spike stiletto heel, balanced by a solidly grounded toe and sharply defined, arched sole. These booties will rise up to encase your jeans and have the sweetest little buckle at the top to keep it all together.
  10. Ritratti Sensation Soiree Strapless Bra:Sometimes you just need a lift or a little modesty. No judging here, I promise! I’m suggesting a strapless style, so that those spaghetti straps get to keep all their minimalist drama. Wear it with the romper and you can have just as much of a “Rocker Chic” look as those without, but not have to keep checking to make sure a wayward breast isn’t trying to be the center of attention!

Frankly, I think this look could go anywhere and I have to admit, as a rather busty person, my days of wearing a camisole or romper without support are well behind me. Do you love the look too or do you think it could be better served up another way? Either way, any day you get to wear your lingerie out is a good day,.So, take a look in your closets and dressers and see what you can incorporate into your daily look. You might just be surprised by all your options!


Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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