Lingerie as Outerwear: A Valentine's to Remember

Can you believe that Valentines Day is already peeking around the corner? My local stores look like they’ve been hosed down in Pepto Bismol and there are shiny, red hearts at every turn. Are you a celebrator of Valentines Day? Personally, I grab at any excuse to buy more lingerie, so it’s fairly safe to say that I’m a big proponent of the holiday!

I love pink and red lingerie as much as the next person and I can even be sold on white on occasion, but when it comes to holiday mandated color choices... I prefer to rebel a little. There’s nothing wrong with going for the traditional tones, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, why not go for a little luxe gold?

Today’s Lingerie as Outerwear outfit is probably one of my all time favorites and I’m not just saying that because the Belle Corset by Nicole Gill is so very boudoir-tastic! The rich, gold silk is set off perfectly by the delicate, black lace overlay and you can bet that your figure will be eager to do some Mae West wiggling when you put on this perfectly fit corset.

To add a little mystery and fun, I’ve accessorized the corset with a fabulous black lace teddy to give you that extra hint of Femme Fatale. You may have noticed that the skirt is embellished with gold silk on the seamlines and goes that extra mile with a daring slit over one knee. Louboutins bookend the skirt perfectly, in a classic shape and style that will have all eyes admiring your lovely legs and ability to move to gracefully in such sky high heels!

While it would be a shame to cover up any part of this outfit, it’s still winter and as such, we must be reasonable and incorporate a little insulation. I found the perfect jacket and haven’t stopped squealing like a little girl since. Isn’t it breathtaking with it’s vintage shaping, ruffled sleeves and short collar? Who would ever guess that a corset as beguiling as the Belle could be hiding under such a prim jacket that seems to have been sprung directly from a 1950’s finishing school?

The jewelry is all in delicate golds and blacks and is even highlighted by Guerlain’s stunning gold compact. Whether you need to touch up in public or not, you can rest assured that you’re still, as ever, perfectly coordinated.

Champagne, chocolates and the sultry sound of Sade are all the components of a perfect evening, whether you share it with someone or dine elegantly alone, you can bet that you are the perfect Valentine and are creating a night to remember.

1. Nicole Gill Belle Corset:When everyone else is sauntering around in their pinks and reds, you will be the glistening gold star in their midst. Nicole Gill creates these corsets on a made to order basis, so you know that your every curve will be perfectly hugged and embraced by the 100% gold silk. Handmade lingerie is the ultimate luxury and what better day to show it off than Valentines Day?

2. Nicole Gill Shannon Teddy: The demurely high neckline and cute cap sleeves on this teddy will further define your silhouette and pick up on the Belle corset’s lace overlay. A sumptuous black satin ribbon will spill over the top of the corset back and have you wrapped up like a present.

3. Giuseppe Zanotti Design Bracelet: A dramatic statement cuff will work perfectly with the ¾ length ruffle sleeves of the jacket and once you remove the jacket, it will pick up the glitz and glitter of the lace and silk. The metallic closures add a little bit of a rebel whisper while the black Swarvoski crystals will pick up on the earrings’ glimmer.

4. The Best of Sade: I don’t think this choice really needs any explanation does it? Seriously, the woman’s voice just oozes romantic evening doesn’t it?

5. Christian Louboutin Black Pigalle Plato Heels: Okay, I admit, I had to go for Louboutins for the red soul! I couldn’t help it, I figured the traditional colors deserved at least a little showing. Even if that red soul isn’t showing too much, these killer heels will be further elongating your legs to show off that skirt to it’s best advantage.

6. Guerlain Parure Compact Foundation: A girl can’t have too much gold and this compact is almost too pretty to save for the powder room. Snapping this open in the cab to double check your look will almost certainly convince your dinner companions of your true fashionista talents!

7. Yves Saint Laurent Silk Crepe A Line Skirt: This 100% silk, black and gold, high waisted, A line skirt is an absolutely stunning piece. The off kilter pocket is such an unusual design choice and takes the outfit from predictable to spontaneous and fun!

8. Good Night Gilda Silk and Lace Thong: What goes best with a silk corset and skirt? Why a silk thong of course! Good Night Gilda doesn’t miss an opportunity to add in even more feminine details. She brings the pretty with a lovely dotted tulle front panel and scalloped lace trim to boot.

9. Beverly Hills Design Onyx and Gold Earrings: These earrings are long and curvy just like you in this outfit. The onyx beads are daintily joined to provide maximum toggle and movement, so be sure to fit in a few dramatic head gestures so they get their workout. They bring that little bit of understated elegance and polish to an otherwise dramatic outfit.

10. Moschino C&C Black Wool Crepe Jacket: What better to pair up our revealing corset and teddy than this retro-inspired black, wool crepe jacket. It just screams Jackie O. to me and will work so nicely with your patent leather heels and silk skirt. The rather boxy styling of the jacket provides the perfect counterpoint to the figure hugging silhouette of the bespoke corset and slim -line skirt.

What sort of plans have you all made for Valentines? So far, I’m thinking a lovely evening out at a dessert bar and some live jazz followed closely by the champagne, chocolates and delicious conversation at home. Can’t wait :)

Cheers, as always,

Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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