Berry-Licious Summer Lingerie

The weather is heating up and the only thing that seems to quench my tastebuds is a semi-constant and liberal infusion of tangy, sweet, berry smoothies. I just can’t seem to get enough of their fresh taste and have been sporting that essential summer style accessory; those purpley-blue, curly smile stains on my upper lip, each and every morning. I’m even trying to match my lingerie to my berry obsession so that the potential for spills isn’t quite so terrifying!

If you’re looking for some berry-licious lingerie that has the same zing, why not give these cheeky Marika Vera Alex high waisted knickers a try? The barely-there silk chiffon floats on the hips and packs a powerful visual with their matte berry tone. Or maybe you want the all the drama and tang, in which case a little shimmer and flair from the raspberry colored Nicole Gill Olivia Waspie or the sleekly stylish Ann Vogue Margaret Robe will tempt you? But why keep it all hidden under layers when you could just as easily show your berry love with Sonata’s Rosa Bodysuit?

When the world is exploding in color and scope for the senses, it just makes sense to embrace it. Whether you’re a raspberry, blackberry or blueberry kind a gal, there’s plenty of lingerie options to choose from to match the season!

1} Nicole Gill Olivia Waspie Corset

Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)