Modernize Your Lingerie

I think people get used to thinking of lingerie covered in lace, satin and soft feminine patterns. It’s come to my attention that some women aren’t comfortable with frilly ruffles, bows or soft pinks. What I love the most about what current lingerie designers are doing is giving every woman the chance to wear sexy lingerie. Bold, modern designs are making a statement this year. We’re talking clean lines, high contrasts and geometrical patterns - all of these will help achieve a modern look. Check it out for yourself:

LOLA HAZE and Priscilla Jade Lingerie really showcase what I’m talking about here. You’ll see hints of color blocking, contrasted fabrics and chevron stripes. Modernizing your lingerie is equally brilliant for the feminine lady who wants to keep up with the trend or the girl who doesn’t want all the lace and ruffle. And this is coming from a girl who has glitter running through her veins. Stepping away from the classic lace and freshening up with bold lines is never a bad thing.
Here’s where you can find all of these modern pieces from Bella Bella Boutique:

How do you modernize your look?
Erinn – Bella Bella Boutique Blog Contributor 

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Miss Kitty Plum said…
I adore traditional lingerie but I an really taken by these bold graphic patterns. Great to see diversity in design.