Holiday Lingerie

The holidays are approaching, which means that many women are taking stock of their party clothes and thinking about how to put a new spin on their look for the season. Instead of stocking up on more dresses, I'm putting forth an alternative solution. Take one sexy black skirt, your favorite pair of sky high heels and the perfect piece of lingerie to complete a show-stopping party outfit.

Variations of this outfit work for the office and nights out as well, but today we're focusing on some of the truly gorgeous and unique pieces that make a memorable outfit for formal events.

Let's start with the classics. This Pati. Olie Madrid Corset begs to be paired with a long black satin skirt and this pink Miu Miu clutch for a dash of toughness.  Pati. Olie corsets combine classic construction techniques with modern fashion and the finest materials. These corsets are exclusive to Bella Bella Boutique, which means you'll always stand out when it matters the most.

I've had several friends ask where to get a great bustier for the holidays, and I've pointed them all right at this Nora Sequin Bustier by Oh La La Cheri Paris. It has all the sparkle and sophistication of Paris without the price tag. Pair it with jeans for a club or something fancier for a party or a night out.

Sometimes you find yourself craving fashion with fresh and clean lines during the craziness of the holiday season, where is where this MC Lounge Silk Racer Back Cami comes in. The stretch silk will cling to your curves in all of the right ways while the neckline gives it extra sex appeal. It pairs perfectly with everything from pants to skirts.

I'm convinced that if Katherine Hepburn were to come alive and take up wearing rompers, she'd choose this Fair Verona Old Swirl Romper. It's full of old Hollywood glamour while remaining understated and classic. Take a page from her book and pair it with some men's inspired pants and a great pair of heels.

Any of the Sonata bodysuits are great purchases, but this Diva Lace Bodysuit is particularly perfect for the holidays. Pair it with a tank top underneath or layer it for a pop of bright gold color. Whatever you do, it's hard to go wrong with something this fabulous!


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