My Top 10 Lingerie Pieces for 2013


Happy New Year, everyone! Have you gotten over your holiday food comas yet?

I took a blissful week off to cook enough food to feed a small country, read several fabulous books, and reflect on the coming year. One of the things I've had in my head is the idea of spending more mindfully. Mindful spending doesn't mean spending less, but for me it does mean spending money on things that are high quality and I will treasure over years rather than weeks or months. WIth that in mind, I've put together my best of list from Bella Bella Boutique with the idea of mindful spending in mind. These pieces will increase your restfulness, your enjoyment of your private time, add excitement to your relationship, and even help you stay trim and moisturized. I can't imagine a better combination than that!

I'm a stay at home lounge girl at heart, so this Dashboard Babydoll and Ruched Panty set in Lake really speaks to me. I love the serene shade of blue that is perfect for this busy time of year while we all mentally restart our engines, and the loose falling fabric that mimics soothing waves. Wear this around the house or out over a cami, as it would be beautiful either way.

Speaking of lounge, one of my goals for the year is to stock up on gorgeous and comfy sleepwear. My first stop is this silk crepe chemise by La Lilouche with a rock star style "Brunettes Rock" on it, despite the fact that I find myself inching closer to red head as the months go by! It's comfortable, stylish, but not too elegant to get a great night's sleep in.

La Vie En Rose is one of my favorite songs, although I'm heretically known to prefer Louie Armstrong's version to Edith Piaf's. This La Vie En Rose Bodysuit by Tatu Couture is the perfect piece of those of you who feel the same. Tatu Couture's pieces have enough structure to act as shape wear while offering unique tattoo inspired designs. The semi-sheer cups on this bodysuit make it the perfect piece to wear out and show off.

This Plum Pretty Sugar Cami Dress in Pink Love Poppy reminds me of all of the things that I love about spring in the South: the flowers bursting into bloom, the golden sunbeams, and the delicate white dresses that everyone wears to celebrate the perfect weather. This piece has all of that in a delicate and feminine nightgown. If you're planning a spring beach vacation, I can see it working as the perfect beach cover up as well. 

While we're on the subject of pastel colors, I fully believe that everyone needs one of these Hera Robes by Priscilla Jade. I love the teal and red combination as it reminds me of what Audrey Hepburn wears in Breakfast At Tiffany's. The mesh is sheer and sexy, while still flowing beautifully over the body.

I'm tempted to have my workout pants do double duty and pick up a set of these Lytess Slimming Capris this year. The only thing that would be more fun that my ballet/kickboxing routine would be tightening everything else up while I do it! If you have dry skin, pants with these microcapsules are a great way to give your legs a deep conditioning treatment while you run errands or hit the gym.

I love robes, and I love purple, so this MC Lounge Silk Chiffon Robe is a must for me. I love the menswear details on it combined with the sexy sheer sleeves.

I've resolved to be more adventurous this year, and in that spirit I'd pick up a pair of these Bijoux Indiscrets PlaisirNacre Black  Pearl Cuffs. I have several silk dresses that they would work beautifully with as matching bracelets, but they would be a fun way to explore more private activities as well.

I'm thinking ahead to spring, and this LOLA HAZE Deco Chemise seems to embody that season for me. I love the sheerness and the swatches of color, and the charcoal is a great twist on the traditional basic black.

I've always said that if I ever win the lottery, I'm picking up the entire Marika Vera line. Her pieces are sensual and flattering, and many double as sleepwear or loungewear. This LOU Silk Camisoleand Knickers set are a subdued take on her normal aesthetic, and would be a great introduction to her line.

I hope that you all have a year full of romance, excitement, adventure, and most importantly great lingerie!

 by: Holly (Bella Bella Boutique Blog Contributor)

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