Lingerie Sessions: Boudoir Photography

Starting this week we launch the Lingerie Sessions: Boudoir Photography series featuring amazing professionals in Boudoir Photography and of course gorgeous lingerie in their work! We're delighted in featuring this week our customer Shana Emily wearing the beautiful Delia Bralet Shawl and Delia Lace Bikini Panty by La Lilouche.

Photography by Gwendolyn Tundermann, Amanda Lamb, Dania Burleson, and Denise Rosenthal.

Such lovely and romantic pictures to cherish forever, thank you Shana for sharing it with us! What about you, our dear readers, have you ever done a couple boudoir session or thinking of doing it soon? This may be the inspiration you needed! xo

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Karina said…
The pics are lovely, they look perfect <3

And I really like the behind the scenes photos, makes everything feels real (because perfection is not that real :) )
Thank you for stopping by Karina! We absolutely love the pictures too!! :)