Priscilla Jade: Affordable Luxury Lingerie

A great lingerie wardrobe needs to be a little of everything - flirty, sexy, fun and elegant. While elegant and luxurious lingerie isn't hard to find, it can be a little (or a lot!) more expensive than more casual pieces. Luckily, the new Lullaby Collection from Priscilla Jade has it all, an elegant style, luxurious colors and a price tag that means you won't have to pick just one favorite piece!

1. Priscilla Jade Lullaby Scoop Bottom Panty in Plum, also in Ivory

2. Priscilla Jade Lullaby Keyhole Bra in Ivory, also in Plum

3. Priscilla Jade Lullaby Kimono Robe in Emerald, also in Ivory and Plum

4. Priscilla Jade Lullaby Demi Cup Bra in Emerald, also in Ivory and Plum

5. Priscilla Jade Lullaby Petal Pajama Set in Plum, also in Emerald and Ivory

6. Priscilla Jade Lullaby Pleated Hipster Panty in Ivory, also in Emerald and Plum

by Amanda (Bella Bella Boutique Blog Contributor)

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