Rococo Dessous: 24k Gold Lingerie

Have you ever thought of owning lingerie made with gold? We didn't until we were introduced to Rococo Dessous last week. Rococo Dessous is a new line of super exclusive lingerie based in Switzerland who makes ultra luxury lingerie with 24K gold hand-crafted in New York.

What a better time to invest in gold? And why not in lingerie? It seems just the perfect idea from founder and entrepreneur Sascha Hertli for a business model while working at a private banking sector in Qatar. Price for the sets starts at $2,500 and go up to $7,000 making Rococo Dessous the most expensive lingerie brand in the world.

Gold has been the ultimate expression of luxury since ancient times. Royal and imperial houses around the world have worn gold as a symbol of distinction and indulgence. The desire for gold fashion was born in the world’s first grand civilization in Egypt where Tutankhamun wore linens embroidered with the precious metal. All great empires then followed in this tradition, from the Chinese dynasties to Russian Tsars to Louis XIV, who prohibited the use of gold for everybody except himself and his court. Then, with the French revolution, gold disappeared from fashion…until now.

Gold is at the heart of Rococo Dessous’ luxury lingerie line, designed with the world’s first 24 karat gold thread. Rococo Dessous draws its inspiration from the lifestyles of past empires and brings it to life with modern design from today. Each piece is produced from Swiss gold fabric, hand-stitched in New York, has a unique number, and is made-to-order for the clients.

Rococo Dessous dedicates their first collection to the modern princess. Here's the premier styles:

24K gold thread by Swiss textile manufacturer Bischoff Textil
Rococo Dessous launch their line during Lingerie Fashion Week in NYC - August 2013

Do tell us...would you invest in gold lingerie? If money is not the limit would you indulge in these lavish 24K gold lingerie?

For more information on Rococo Dessous and to order visit the official website.

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