Experience 210th, The New Luxury Body Care Line from The Netherlands

We're delighted to announce the addition of 210th luxury line of body care products from Amsterdam, The Netherlands to Bella Bella Boutique. 210th (pronounced two-tenth) stands for "Closer Together" to strengthen the relationship between partners to reach a higher level of intimacy. 210th delivers an exclusive line of luxurious sensual body care products to seduce you with its fragrant notes of Linden Blossom, Fressia, Amber, Musks, and fruits offering the perfect balance between luxury and decadence. Founder Sofie Rockland studied fashion at the Institute for Fashion, Management and Design ‘Mr. Koetsier’ in Amsterdam. After 10 years of fashion experience and her many travels to the Far East, she decided to take the step to launch her own brand, 210th.

“Intimacy is one of the most beautiful given things in the world.” – Sofie Rockland

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