Happy Independence Day to Brazil + Brazilian Panties

Today is Brazil's Independence Day. The date celebrates Brazil's Declaration of Independence from Portugal on September 7, 1822. To celebrate, we're reaching the beach today in our Brazilian bikinis while listening to Bossa Nova and sipping Brazilian lemonade. Later, we are going to have a rodizio (will take a break from Vegetarian meals only today, promise!) and have passion fruit mousse for dessert. The day after, will make sure to samba with Zumba to burn all those extra calories!

Any Brazilian readers here? How are you celebrating today?

1// Melissa Brazilian Cut Bikini Panty by Flor Viva
2// Buttlerfly J'adore Bodysuit by Flor Viva
3// Seduzione Alegra Bra and Brazilian Cut Bikini Set
4// Lilipiache Honey Bee Bikini Panty
5// Ludique Wicked Bikini Panty

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