Boudoir Photography: Lingerie Sessions

This week's image pick by Bella Bella Boutique is from Award-Winning Long Beach Photographer, Kristi Sutton Elias. Born and raised in Southern California, Kristi has been an artist all her life. Exploring all mediums of art from sketch to sculpture. In photography and through the use of Photoshop she found she could channel different mediums and artistic energies into one creation.
When creating a portrait she tries to capture the story of each individual personality, while fusing classic elegance with modern twits. She believes in creating a unique and beautiful piece of art in each portrait.

The  creations of International Award-Winning Kristi Sutton Elias is displayed not only in International Galleries and Museums, but on the walls of those who not only value but crave art.

To see her stunning work visit the Official Website and follow her on Facebook and Pinterest.

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