LOLA HAZE "Old New York Anew" Fall and Holidays 2013

Rich, nostalgic, and warmly melancholic is the Fall 2013 collection by LOLA HAZE called "Old New York Anew". For inspiration, designer Laura Mehlinger imagined a mysterious woman of New York's Gilded Age. She didn't know her name or presume on her inner life, but her visage appeared like a richly sepia-toned photograph. She would drift though elaborate ball room parties or along the bustle of Fifth Avenue, but despite the ornateness of movement around her, she was perfectly composed.

"Old New York Anew" features rich silk charmeuse and chiffon in Black, Wine, Mauve and Ivory as well as allover lace set on silk or pieced with it. In the Grand Central Chemise and Grand Central Romper, ornate delicate lace trim is hand-sewn onto the lace, leaving glimpses of transparency. The Valderbilt Chemise connects ethereal chiffon and lace panels together with crisp modern lines.

Continuing LOLA HAZE's success with Spring's The Bomb Robe, Fall reinvents this layering piece in Valderbilt Robe as a bold study in contrasts: black silk is bound by red charmeuse and chiffon, and falls away at the shoulder to reveal a seductive cutout silhouette.

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