Boudoir Photography: Lingerie Sessions

Hello! We are back with our Boudoir Photography Lingerie Sessions and have changed our weekly image picks to monthly now. So expect the most gorgeous images for boudoir photo shoot inspiration. This month we have selected the beautiful image above by Lost Highway Imaging based in  Preston, Connecticut. They specialize in beautiful, intimate, sensual portraits for women. Because this studio caters only to women, they have an all-female team of hair stylists, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists and assistants. You can find out interesting facts about Beth the photographer here.

To see her work visit the official website and you can follow the studio on Facebook too.

Get the look with the Ann Vogue Margaret Silk Robe or all lace in Sonatine Lace Robe by Sonata Lingerie.

"Bold is confidence and empowerment and not apologizing for who you are. Bold is permission to love yourself, shed your inhibitions and be free.
Sexy is an attitude. It’s so much more than a number on the scale or the cup size of your bra. Sexy is everywhere. It is in every gesture, every moment of pleasure, every time we move or dance or laugh or love.
Unforgettable moments are frozen in time. It might be something as small as locking eyes with a stranger in a cafe or something as grand as your wedding night.
Our mission is to help ALL women unleash these things within themselves."

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