Ready to Wear vs. Lingerie

Bodysuits are a such versatile piece of outerwear which you can incorporate different types of bottoms and accessories to create the look style you want. This week's Ready to Wear vs. Lingerie post we feature the Katarina Bodysuit by Tatu Couture (Tatu Couture again! we simply love their bodysuits!). This signature piece has been given a modern twist with the open lattice. Its dramatic alluring silhouette reveals tantalising flashes of skin through the open mesh. If you must chose one bodysuit to create different looks, go with this one. You'll love it!

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I really like the design of this black lingerie. I also wear RTW clothes, in fact, most of them are RTW, but lingerie are more flexible since you can wear any bottoms whether it is a short, pants or a skirt.

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