Boudoir Fashion Day

Photo on left by Zara

The lovely architect and blog writer, Paula Posser from the Arquiteta do Amor started a trend on social media this week where some Brazilian lingerie designers, lingerie addicts, lingerie bloggers, and lingerie lovers get together in a movement to share pictures with emphasis on lingerie as outerwear. It's called #BoudoirFashionDay.

The Boudoir Lingerie Fashion Day is for lingerie lovers who also love fashion. Because we love lingerie and all its universe, we want to share with you inspiring photos having lingerie as the superstar piece of the wardrobe or look. Join us by sharing your photos!

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To participate, simply post your photos to your favorite social media platform (s) with the hashtag #BoudoirFashionDay 

Or, if you prefer, you can send your photo to with your favorite hashtags and Paula will post it for you here.

 You CAN take your own photos too for Boudoir Fashion Day: some examples:
- Your lingerie drawer;
- Lingerie inspired clothing that shows lace, silk, tulle, transparency. Can be robes, skirts, petticoat, blouse, dresses, etc.
- A detail look of your bra showing, bodysuit, top, your favorite bralet, as "outerwear" style.
- Your favorite piece in a lingerie hanger;
- Boudoir photography;
- If you own a lingerie store you can post a photo of your window display.
- Lingerie photos that inspire you;
- A lingerie illustration drawing - A work of art with inspiration in lingerie. Ex: sculpture, painting, ceramics, woodcut etc.;
- Fashion editorials, lingerie in fashion, etc.

Please add credits in all images. Got questions? Contact Paula Posser by e-mail

Check out who are the girls behind this movement, who will be participating to choose the photos that will be on site. (bio is in Portuguese)

The day of our celebration will be July 26th. But the movement is forever.

Because every day is lingerie!

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Opie Janzer said…
I like the idea of lingerie as outer wear. I really like lace tops over a pretty bra.