Blue Velvet and Gold Italian Lace: Meet the New Fall Collection by The Nina and the Wolf

The Nina and The Wolf AW15 collection was inspired by those cold clear winter nights, where the golden stars break the blue velvety skies. Those same nights where Nina is out in the wild, unleashing her inner wolf. Blue velvet plays a big part, tying all the pieces together, accompanied by a beautiful golden Italian lace that brightens up the collection and gives preciousness to the fabulous lingerie sets. Blue tulle is paired with velvet details, like a fresh winter breeze that brings to the collection a playful touch.

In this collection, the line between The Wolf and Nina blurs, making it difficult to clearly identify where one finishes and the other begins, enhancing the idea that in the end Nina and The Wolf are two souls that reside in the same body. These pieces are designed to be layered and mixed together, in a game of patterns and transparencies, which allow you to express your own style.

The AW15 photo-shoot, set in a beautiful country house in Italy, is a very well thought mix of our two souls, where the wildness of The Wolf transpires through details in the make up and styling, and the sweetness of Nina in the romance of the location: giving the perfect mix of dreamy and fierce.