Sonata Rapalyte AW15 "Royal" Collection is here!

We're delighted with the addition of Sonata Rapalyte AW15 "Royal" collection to Bella Bella Boutique website this week! Inspired to push the limits with every design, the “Royal” collection is destined to adorn the bodies of those who want to be subtly reminded that they are deserving of only the very best – and this simple ethos pervades every aspect of Sonata Rapalyte’s unique designs.

Sonata Rapalyte is known for fusing beautiful and technically unique design forms with luxurious silk chiffons, satins, linens and laces, creating garments that contour and deify the female form. Sonata Rapalyte bodysuits in particular have become an ultimate must in women's lingerie collections. The ethos of the brand strives to ensure that each woman feels as if she deserves only the best, and her lingerie is as elegant and sensual as she is.