Friday, March 30, 2012

Christies Lingerie "Naory" SS12 - Putting A Smile On Your Face

When we first got a peek at Christies Lingerie "Naory" Spring/Summer 2012 collection, it really made us smile, not only because the collection is beautiful (as usual), but because the model was smiling on all the pictures. We mostly see lingerie campaigns with models giving that "fierce" or sensual look, but rarely we see models smiling when posing in lingerie. Why not? Lingerie is to be fun too, not just for sensuality purpose, and you can definitely have both! So more smiling lingerie models, please! If you want more details on this range or/and Christies main collection, visit the brand's official website here. What's your favorite style of this range?

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lingerie as Outerwear: Rock'n Rolla

So, the weather has tanked again and I’ve been curled up on the couch reading and listening to my favourite tunes. The reading is wonderful, but I’ve found myself dropping the book to groove out to some of the more rockabilly sounds and wishing we had a more active scene. Who doesn’t love a little retro glamor and funky fashion now and then?

The outfit for this post was created during a particularly rowdy scootin’ boogie around the living room to Drop The Lime’sHot as Hell”. I may have knocked over the lamp and woken my sweet little sleeping dog while deciding which lingerie was cool enough to pull off this wicked look.

Zinke intimates manages to create lingerie that can compliment any style. Their cozy little Tulsa Bralet in a stunning cherry scarlet is just begging to join forces with these high-waisted, skinny leg, cigarette pants from Deadly Dames, so you can run amok and cause a little Mayhem with Imelda May.

It’s pretty darn tempting to throw in a super sexy pair of heels to give you the legs of an Amazon, but I like the subtle fun of these quirky polka-dot, peep-toe, ballet flats instead. That way, when you find yourself on the fun side of Blue Harlem, you’ll be able to do more than stand elegantly. You’ll shimmy shake out on the dance floor, but don’t forget that your necklace is a potential danger, so watch the eyes when you twirl!

When you do emerge back into the night, it’ll be chilly, so don’t forget that teeny weeny little shrug top. Not that something this tiny is really going to keep you warm, but you certainly wouldn’t want to lose track of such a wicked little mix and match item. It really does complete the look, along with that vibrant little flower in your hair.

1. Zinke Tulsa Bralet in Spice: Stretch silk charmeuse in a half-cami is a pretty sweet combination, but throw in a shelf bra and that spicy red color and you have the perfect lingerie cami to wear out and about.

2. RUBY Red Flower Accessory: - I seriously doubt there could actually be enough room on your bolero to wear a flower corsage. It will look much better in your hair anyway.

3. Deadly Dames Cigarette Pants in Black Sateen: Now you may recall that I usually have a pretty steadfast rule about not wearing pants with any kind of shine. I broke that rule once for some really cute pink trousers and I’m breaking it again for these amazing black pants. That highwaist and super slim leg cut make these the ultimate in rockabilly chic. I gotta say, these would look pretty fabulous wherever you wear them and whatever you pair them with.

4. SEE By CHLOE Army and Rose Bowling Bag: If you’re going to do something, you may as well do it all right! The bowling bag shape of the leather bag combined with the retro styling was just too good to pass up. Plenty of room for a flask and any other treasures you may need to carry along.

5. KISS KRISS Peep-toe ballet flats: I was a little worried that these were a little too close to something Minnie Mouse might have in her closet, but then I realized I didn’t care either way. They’re the perfect dance partner for when you just want to let loose and enjoy a little boogie time.

6. Velda Lauder Super Soft Black Shrug Top: Not much coverage, but a whole lot of attitude. The stocking effect is my favourite part of this itsy bitsy little bolero. While the outfit works nicely without it, this shrug top really completes the look.

7. Triskaidekaphobia Dagger Necklace: The necklace just had to go with the outfit. It could have been the name of the brand (fear of Friday the 13th) or it could just be that the outfit had lots of delicate pieces with the spaghetti straps on the cami and the ties on the sweater. It really needed a bit of a heavier chain on the necklace.

8. Broken Heart Flask by Retro A Go Go: Generally I like to accessorize my lingerie as outerwear outfits with jewelry, maybe a glitzy bag but not usually a flask. Of course, if you have to have a flask, it had better be one as nice as this.

9. Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc enameled brass stud earrings: It would be pretty hard not to grin when faced with these super-cute lopsided smiles dangling from your earlobes. I like the way the studs seems a bit more grounded along with the flats on your feet.

So, what do you say? Are you game for a little dance on the wild side? The music is great, the clothes really sing and who doesn’t love a sexy retro bowling bag?

Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ready to Wear vs. Lingerie

Going thru fashion magazines and fashion blogs often, we encounter so many ready to wear pieces that look to have their own lingerie version or its lingerie translation and thought to start sharing them with you.
Today we feature Oh La La Cheri Gwendelyn Babydoll (on the right) in black lace with satin grey lace up back detail. For those who love pretty back accents this may be a lovely style for your lingerie collection.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fantasy Lingerie: Affordable Sexy Lingerie

Today we're thrilled to introduce a new selection of pieces by the hot and sexy Fantasy Lingerie! Lots of you have been asking for more accessible special occasion wear, and these pieces are a great way to spend a night in.

If you're a leopard print addict (and we know lots of you are) this Felina Babydoll Set is a perfect choice. This split front babydoll has padded cups that give you lots of lift and support, and has adorable red accent detailing all over it. It comes with a matching g-string. If you're looking for a different take on leopard print, this is a great set to check out.

If you're a fan of basic black, the Temptress Set from Fantasy Lingerie is an overtly sexy take on it. This set is made from satin, lace, and mesh that provides extra sex appeal without losing the elegance that an all black lingerie set provides. You'll get extra lift and support from the padded bra cups, and the sheer back on the panties provides a tantalizing surprise when you turn around.

If you're looking for a more elegant look that's also sheer, try the Nude Affair Long Gown Set. The goal is ankle length but sheer from the cups down. The draping is extremely flattering, and the matching helps coordinate the set and not leave you too exposed.

These pieces are a great way to pick up something fun for a weekend getaway, or just for a special night in. Everyone needs a set that they can make a big impression with, and these pieces are perfect for that!

by Holly ( Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Quote of the Week

In this Quote of the Week we feature best seller Brigitte Bra and Belle Thong from EA Lingerie. Happy Monday to you!

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Loungerie Lover

Happy Friday! Erinn from Bare Intimates here and today we’re talking about loungewear. It seems like loungewear is really making a statement this year. It was only recently I discovered my obsession with loungerie -  a term that obviously combines both lounge and lingerie, proving that sexy and comfort are back with a bang and here to stay. What I love most is the different types of loungerie that’s out there – there really is a little something for everyone’s individual styles. I think this calls for a little role play, no?

Hopeless Romantics are true to my heart. Girly runs deep through my veins, and I constantly catch myself eyeing the pretty laces, ruffled fabrics and bows more than anything else. I feel like these loungewear pieces are calling my name.  

1 // Naked Princess A Thousand Kisses Deep Chantilly Robe – this robe is so gorgeous in it’s delicate Italian lace, plunging neckline and empire waistline. An ethereal vision of romance, so pretty!

2 // Toad Lillie Tease Ruffled Bed Jacket – I knew that Toad Lillie and I would be friends forever the minute I stumbled upon their ruffled work. This ruffled bed jacket is flirty, feminine and in the perfect berry shade for any romantic.

3 // Marika Vera BELLA Silk Chiffon Teddy – let’s be real, no explanation needed here. This teddy screams romance and I seriously want my hands on this little lady.

Sophistication meets siren. These sexy little black pieces are perfect for the girls who want to show some skin, but leave it classy.

1 // Sonatina Lace Robe by Sonata Lingerie – The perfect sexy robe. It’s handcrafted from soft lace and satin, and is the ultimate luxurious treat.

2 // Nevaeh Silk & Lace Adjustable Chemise in Onyx – In my opinion, a sophisticated siren has never lounged so good in this chemise. It’s hints of sheer lace and stretch silk construction sleek down to your curves and leaves so much room for imagination to take over.

3 // Fair Verona Old Swirl Romper – vintage sirens, rejoice! I absolutely adore this romper. It’s classic, high collar button upon construction compliments the vintage swirls so nicely. Style this with some old Hollywood waves, red lipstick and you got yourself a sexy weekend at home.

These loungewear pieces were made for the young, fashion forward lady - a girl who even when lounging around the house claims her own style and looks fantastic.

1 // Zinke Circa39 Robe – The ever so trendy Zinke is all over the hipster category. This robe is short, lightweight and crafted from hammered silk. It’s the perfect choice for getting ready for a night out on the town…you know, what hipsters do!

2 // MC Lounge Stretch Silk Top – This off the shoulder stretch silk top is a must have for every hipster. With gold trimming detail and wide shoulder straps, can’t you just imagine lounging on your couch for a rainy afternoon with a good book?

3 // Zinke All Things Nice Romper in Spice – This romper is self-explanatory.  The backless halter, ruffle trimmings and low plunging neckline are just...well, stylishly perfect.

What do you think? What are your go to pieces for lounging around this spring?

Erinn - Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lingerie as Outerwear: Sunshine Daydreams

Summertime and the living is easy. Janis knew what she was singing about and I have to say, as I sit in my office and stare out at the beautiful sunny weather and all those lucky folks getting to enjoy it... I sincerely wish I had been born rich and not beautiful, so I could join them.

Now, if I were to join them, you know I would need to incorporate some lingerie into my look. So naturally I’m going to look to Sonata Lingerie to supply the top. The silk chiffon keeps the look light and fresh and who doesn’t love a little extra bling in the sunshine.

On this glorious sunny day I’m going to want to all my options open, so it’s definitely all about the jeans for maximum fun. The beauty of these cute capris jeans is the opportunity to flash around some wicked beaded Jimmy Choos. Now granted, I won’t be out hiking in these towering heels but won’t I rock the cafe scene in a big way!

Although these capris sit fairly high on the calf and my poor legs haven’t seen much sun in quite awhile, I’m not going to fake a bake. Nope, I plan to show my pasty gams in all their glory. Don’t worry, I’m a big proponent of sun smarts, which is why the Bare Escentuals will be packed in the Coach tote right next to a little shiny lip tint. Which I’ll probably need to keep applying as I like the tasty vanilla mint flavor off while savouring my caffeine fix for the day.

I’ll be sipping my iced cap, jamming to some tunes and enjoying a little solitude. As the temperature rises, so will the sweet scents of snow pear and cedarwood from my moisturizing LELO massage oil. A handful of gold and shiney baubles will keep me twiddling my thumbs and grinning from ear to ear. But who wouldn’t be if they had the chance to hang out on a patio in full sun mid week?

Can you think of a better way to spend a sunny afternoon?  It certainly would beat the heck out of the sitting in the office staring out the window.

1. Mimi Silk Camisole by Sonata Lingerie: I think the lush chocolate color of this silk camisole is perfectly rich and would be perfectly wasted if it were never to see the outdoors. The design is tasteful with the transparent silk chiffon panel just grazing the upper bustline but extending over the shoulders and a bit down the arms. You’ll need to wear a strapless bra so you don’t distract from all the extra little blingy details.

2. Current Elliott Bayberry "The Matchstick" Jeans: The lightly washed blue of these jeans will give the impression that they’re an old favorite rather than a new splurge. The hem falls just below the knee or it can be rolled up for a longer line short look. Either way, you can dress them up, down and sideways and always turn out perfectly polished.

3. Origins Rain And Shine Liptint With Spf 15 Sunscreen: Let your smile do the talking with this protective liptint from Origins. Plenty of colors to choose from, but even more amazing is the fact that these sheer shades give your lips a Sun Protection Factor of 10. The vanilla mint flavor is a little extra treat that will make this your go-to product for summer fun. Even if it is only March.

4. LELO Luxury Massage Candle - Snow Pear and Cedarwood: The beauty of this massage candle is that the oil is super emollient rich and comes with a fabulous perfume that is both light and flirty. There’s plenty of different scents if the sun has made you shy of anything affiliated with snow.

5. Valerie Egee sculpted ring: The rough edges and irregular angles of this ring are mesmerizing and will provide plenty of hours of good old fashioned admiring and daydreaming. It isn’t too cute and it isn’t too pretty, but it is plenty of interesting and beguiling.

6. Oscar dela Renta 24-karat gold-plated cabochon ring: Just a little pop of color on your hand to keep the red of the poppy Coach bag company. Bright and sunny weather deserves to see bright and sunny flowers, even if they are 24 karat gold. Who would have thought there would be poppies blooming in March?

7. Jimmy Choo Nude Suede Beaded 'Della' Sandals: These sandals are just so sexy! I love the beaded trim detail from the ankle down and the way the straps have been arranged to look so structured and architectural. If anyone manages to look away from your beautiful silk top, they’ll be equally mesmerized by your fancy feet. Jimmy knows his shoes alright!

8. Miu Miu Headband: With this much bling on the camisole, you won’t need much jewelry so why not decorate your hair? This double band of pearls is the perfect casual day decoration.

9. Coco de Mer by Coco de Mer: Take one part opera, one part dance beats and a good side of ambient and you have a pretty sweet mix to keep you hopping all afternoon long. It’ll be a nice break from the formulaic top 40 stuff that the local coffee shop is always piping in.

10. Coach Poppy Placed Flower Large Tote: I don’t know many people that could resist a Coach bag, much less one as pretty this. The punch of color from the poppy flower is fabulous and it carries on through to the lining as well. Strung over your shoulder or swinging from the crook of your arm, this is a beautiful piece of eye candy!

11. Bare Escentuals Bareminerals Spf 30 Natural Sunscreen: This sunscreen is oil free and preservative free and kind to your skin. Breathable, weightless and delivering SPF15 so you can glow without chancing crows feet in the near future. I would even suggest a light dusting under the silk chiffon portion of your camisole. After all, nothing ruins a wonderful afternoon like an evening sunburn.

A nice breezy kind of outfit for a nice breezy kind of a day! I’m loving the warm weather and the ability to avoid all the layers, here’s hoping that the cold weather doesn’t come back to interrupt my fun.

Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Velda Lauder Corsetiere

Corsets keep popping up in my life lately. I've seen friends wearing them for burlesque classes, celebrities wearing them on runways and red carpets, and regular women on social media incorporating them into outerwear and fancy dress costumes. I've always loved the look of corsets, but I haven't realized how versatile they can be until recently.

These corsets are more of the red carpet and outerwear variety, but if you're going to invest in a corset you might as well start at the top! Many of these corsets come straight from Paris, and were shown at the Salon International Show recently there. They are gorgeous high quality pieces, and as an added bonus can reduce your waist by two to four inches!

Our new pieces from Velda Lauder run the gamut from underbust corsets that would be at home at the Moulin Rogue to elegant silk overbust corsets that will be perfect for your next formal event.

In the traditional corset category, we have the Velda Lauder Underbust Purple Dupion Silk & Lace Corset, as well as the Dita Overbust Corset. The Dita Overbust Corset is a great option for a formal event. It's silky shine and classic ribbon add wonderful details, but don't compete with your amazing figure. This corset will really bring out your curves, and definitely is for someone who likes a little cleavage in their life. Pair it with a long silk skirt and change out your shoes and accessories for different occasions. If you've had trouble with your weight redistributing itself in awkward ways in shorter corsets, the Underbust Purple Dupion Silk & Lace corset is nice and long. The lace gives you extra length, and also that cheeky French touch.

In the non-traditional corset category, the standouts are the Velda Lauder Underbust Black Mesh Corset, The Underbust Pinstripe Buckle Corset, and the Black Off The Shoulder Mesh Top. The Underbust Black Mesh Corset has modern see through panels, but is as strong as a traditional corset. It's a great statement piece that can be worn as underwear or outerwear over colorful shirts and dresses. The Underbust Pinstripe Corset is right on trend for this season, as menswear touches in lingerie come back into fashion. Finally, if you've ever wondered what to wear under your corset, this Black Off The Shoulder Mesh Top is perfect to add some attitude to your outfit. It will help slim your arms, soften your neckline, and drape gracefully over your chest if you're not comfortable displaying all the cleavage that your bra or corset has to offer.

Remember that corsets should generally be purchased two to four inches below your natural waist size to give you that hourglass shape. If you've never tried one, Velda Lauder is a great place to start. They're known for being comfortable and classic, and a great corset never goes out of style.

Want to learn how to tie a corset? Velda Lauder herself shows you how on this video below. Enjoy:

by Holly ( Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Quote of the Week

On this Quote of the Week we feature the new Fireside Bralet and High Waisted Panty in Spice color by Zinke Intimates. Happy Monday to you!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lingerie as Outerwear: Venturing Out

The hills are alive with the sound of shutters clicking. Well, that’s how the song would go, if Julie Andrews had been spinning around on a grassy knoll near me this past week. I swear, every where I looked, there were people out and about with their cameras! But who could blame them? Spring is here and everything is so beautiful! Which is why I decided that my little mini break would happen right here, in my own backyard! Yup, I’m heading into the little village near my house to explore and look around with the eyes of a tourist! (and the wallet of a pauper)

I’ve always wanted to learn how to use my little retro Nikon camera, however, I have little to no time now-a-days, so I found something that could help me cheat a wee bit and still look cool. Oh, and speaking of looking cool, half the appeal of photography is the opportunity to dress all casual,
stretchy knit and free! I’m not going to tell you how I’ll be cheating at SLR photography ‘till the end, so stick with me folks, it’s going to be a fascinating ride.

Now that spring is here, I’m all about wearing things that help me get out the door
that much faster. Things that can pull double duty of form and function and adapt to most of the situations I find myself in. So, I began this outfit with these nifty
Lytess capris. They’re comfortable, stylish and if they help me loose weight and cure this orange peel skin of mine, so much the better.

It would be pretty silly to wear cozy leggings and then put on a stiff formal, anything. So, naturally, I reach for a nice stretchy slip that can double as a tunic or a dress. Pretty crafty right? This Naked Princess chemise is all comfort with twice the sex appeal when it comes to the delicate lace bust inset. There are modesty panels backing the bust, so you can rest assured that you’re safe and sound when you’re bending and twisting to get the perfect angle on that shot.

Now, in between pictures, don’t forget to pop your sunglasses back on to avoid sun damage. These Linda Farrow glasses will help you stand out from the crowd of clones, all wearing the same over-sized, face-obscuring styles, while you have these wicked gold, round framed sunnies on. Trust me, it’s good to be an individual!

If you find you need to take a break from artifying yourself and filling your camera with a million shots of that super cool, steampunk-esque piece of random mitten stiffened into the exact profile of Drew Barrymore’s mother, simply pop your sneaky camera into the handy dandy, leather camera bag along with any other cool treasures you happen to find on your rambles.

Your hair is barricaded from the wind by a slouchy beret to reveal your unique little
gold piggy ear studs. I can’t really explain the piggies, they just spoke to me. I’m gonna say that the rings just followed me home and can I keep them please? Think it’ll work?

Tory Burch’s statement necklace is too pretty to hide, so make sure you leave that fabulous
cardigan open. Alright, we’re near the end now, so I suppose I can tell you my sneaky little photog secret. The funky vintage camera is actually a pretty neat little
iPhone case that actually allows you to take pictures! Pretty awesome right? I know! All in all, you’re now outfitted for a seriously awesome day, capering about and enjoying the balmy weather and sunshine. Enjoy!

1. Naked Princess Lovely Ever After Cashmere & Lace Chemise: The cashmere/micro modal blend is so soft and stretchy you may just find yourself dancing and singing the opening number to The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews. Just remember to blame it on Spring Fever should anyone give you strange looks. Don’t forget you’re wearing boots though, so keep those pirouettes to a minimum.

2. Linda Farrow Gold Frame Sunglasses: A girl can never have too many pairs of sunglasses and it’s always good to have options. Unless you’re hiding from the paparazzi, why not take a chance and show your face in this minimalist style? You’ll be happy you did years from now when you still have no crows feet, yet can be identified in pictures.

3. Esmeralda Cardigan | Women's Open Knit Odelya Cardigan: This cardigan has a lot going on. For example, the hemline is made to dangle in front, elongating your silhouette. That over-sized safety pin closure is just the perfect mix of punk with an otherwise safe wardrobe staple. It’s totally cozy and balances the exposure of the chemise with the snug coverage of it’s long sleeves and full back.

4. Tory Burch Resin Circle Statement Necklace: I love the way the colors dance and swirl in this necklace. It pairs up beautifully with the soft tones of the chemise and the shaded cardigan. Tory
Burch blends colors and gold so perfectly, it was difficult to narrow down my choice.

5. Fucci House Tiny Gold Pig Studs: It could be because I’ve gone Muppets crazy or maybe I just like swine, but these little piggies are so cute I couldn’t resist adding them in. Don’t tell Miss Piggy, she’s always scared me a little bit.

6. Gizmon iCA iPhone System: This fake-out camera actually comes with two phony lenses, so you can play the part to the max! I love that the shutter button on top is placed so that it actually takes pictures with your phone. Brilliant!

7. Lytess Slimming Capri: Lytess rocks. The shapewear is comfy, there are cosmetic advantages and the potential for weightloss! Seriously cool clothing. I was wearing it as an extra layer in the winter and now I’m happy to keep wearing it in the warmer weather too!

8. Kimberly McDonald 18K rose gold and diamond geode ring: Just a little bit of luxury to celebrate the changing seasons. That’s my justification and I’m sticking to it. Don’t judge me, it’s such a pretty ring!

9. Black Cashmere Purl Stitch Beret: Have you noticed I have a thing for hats yet? Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all Princess Beatrice on you or anything. We’ll keep them wearable and avoid anything that will get you taken down by homeland security as a potential alien life form.

10. Brown Leather Camera Bag: Isn’t it awesome? I would happily tote all of my myriad necessities around in this little bag! Don’t ask me why I have a hockey puck, tourniquet and package of cookies, just be grateful they all fit in the bag!

11. Yves Saint Laurent Arty gold-plated glass ring: This ring has some serious heft to it and we could probably pretend that it’s all part of your Spring exercise tune up. Just remember that when you’re counting your reps, as you lift that massive Starbucks, you’ll need to switch arms every
so often. We don’t want you looking like Popeye, now do we?

12. Frye Phillip Harness Tall: Tall boots with a harness and slightly distressed leather. Where have you been all my life? Go trekking through the mud or Urban muck in these beauties and add that
extra edge to another wise rather dainty little outfit.

So get yourself outside this weekend and enjoy the Spring, but don’t forget to bring your lingerie along for the ride.

Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zinke Intimates: American Summer Collection

I was going to write a big clever introduction for this post, but I suspect that you all Zinke addicts out there will want me to cut to the chase.

We've got new Zinke pieces in the boutique today, and they're reversible! if you haven't encountered Zinke Lingerie before, it's an amazing label focusing on comfort and pushing a fresh and youthful aesthetic. Their pieces are beautifully made, incredibly comfortable, and easy to wear.

Take this Scout Reversible Bra, for example. It's made of stretch silk charmeuse to create the feeling of easy elegance, and the triangle cups give you a little extra support. It's also reversible, with two perfectly timed fashion colors for the summer. One side is orange, and the other side is a feminine orchid color. It's like the sexy version of a Rorschach test. If you're a fan of matching sets, grab a Pow Wow Panty in both colors, orchid and orange to go with it.

The Zinke Pow Wow Bralet and Panty come in both orange and orchid, and make great every day sets. They're quality pieces that you'll stay comfortable in all day, and the new colorways ensure that you'll always have something fun on under even the most basic outfit.

And finally, my favorite pieces from the new additions: the Zinke Dashboard Babydoll and Ruched Panty Sets. These come in Spice, Lake, and Mauve. These would be great over a cami for warm summer weather. The tiered ruffles give them a nostalgic vintage feel that I adore, especially in the mauve version.

Make sure you grab your favorites from the new line soon, as Zinke is always incredibly popular around here. With all the warmer weather lately, I think we're all gearing up for summer!

by Holly ( Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

Fireside Bralet and High Waisted Panty in Spice

Fireside Bralet and High Waisted Panty in Sugar

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Lingerie as Outerwear: Spring into Color

I like to live dangerously. I eat the bread that’s a day passed due. I throw caution to the wind and step on the cracks in the sidewalk, with nary a phone call to check on my mother’s back. I don’t want to brag, but I even wear white after Labor Day!

I know! I’m totally a rebel. So it won’t surprise you to see, that I have chosen a sweetly soft, whimsical skirt during this month of mammoth winds and typhoon-like gales! Eeek! That could lead to an unintentional (although, is it really, if you’re out in this weather in a skirt?) Marilyn Monroe moment! That’s right ladies, join me on the edge, it’s fun and only a wee bit naughty.

Why am I deliberately exposing you lovely lingeristas to a potentially precarious situation? Well, I suppose it’s fair to blame the MC Lounge silk cami. After all, with something that light and airy, how could I possibly pair it up with anything that could withstand a blustery day? You’ll just need to be extra vigilant or spend quite a bit of time sitting down.

Speaking of sitting down, that’s how I decided where my fake vacation would be this week! I was thinking back to a great holiday I had way out in Vancouver and I decided that Stanley Park was going to be my little destination this week. The park is awesome, something for everyone, grassy area, beachy area, wooded area... lots of different areas. That amazing aroma of the ocean on a warm Spring day is something you definitely don’t want to miss. Given a choice, I would stroll around, then lay out my beach blanket on the sand or the grass (depending on what was drier) and settle in for a long comfy read (I suggest The Hunger Games) in the warm sunshine.

Now, you could take your sandals off to get super comfy, but I’m thinking these espadrilles are already pretty cozy and they look so nice on, that you may as well just leave them. You should definitely take them off while you paint your wee toe nails that Midsummers’ Dream pink from MAC though. Nothing less fun than ruining a nice pair of leather shoes with nail polish!

That adorable hooded cardigan is meant to be just draped over your shoulders like a shawl, but you can leave your arms free to show off your multitude of bling and bangles! I really should have backed away from that green ring, but c’mon folks, look at it! It needed to join in on the fun! Can you imagine the sparkle in the sunlight? Absolutely delicious!

The purse is just big enough for a paperback, your philosophy sunscreen, phone and water bottle. What more do you need? Don’t forget that your Dior Sunglasses can also act as the perfect sneaky nap time enabler. Keep your book wedged open in front of you and no one will know you’ve nodded off... unless you snore or drool.  

1. MC Lounge Silk Racer Back Camisole: The stretch silk of this beautiful cami will lightly skim and flow over your shape and provide you with just the right level of coverage, if the sun finally comes out and you can slip that cardigan off your shoulders.

2. Jamie Joseph Hand Faceted Green Onyx Ring: Okay. I’ve already pointed out that the ring is a little obvious for the outfit, but I’m not going to apologize for how cool it’s going to look on your hand. That bold, green onyx is dazzling and the gold setting was just too perfect to pass up. I’m not sorry I chose it, so there! Nyah!

3. Jacques An Lanh Wooden Bracelet Cuff: The wooden cuff has a beautiful organic quality to it that I felt paired up well with our lovely espadrille sandals and casual look. It isn’t too complicated or fussy and mixes nicely with your other arm eye candy.

4. Dior Cat Eye Sunglasses with Logo on Temple: Did I go a little over the top with these? Nah, that’s just crazy talk. Every woman needs a pair of seriously retro cat eye sunglasses. I have yet to see anyone look bad in this style. If you’re reading outside, they’ll help you avoid the squint that screams “Look at me! I don’t care about my eye health or that I’m exponentially increasing my crows feet while I sit out here baking in the sun.” Seriously, no one looks good with the squint. Try to avoid it all costs.

5. Antonio Marras Floral Skirt: Totally drool worthy right? The thing I like most about this skirt is that it can work in both a retro and contemporary styled outfit. The beautiful green pattern is feminine, bold and a welcome change after all the grays and sludgey tones of our landscape and seems like the perfect herald for Spring. It doesn’t hurt that it will go together with the MC Lounge Cami perfectly!

6. MAC Nail Lacquer in Midsummer’s Dream: A gentle hint of pink on the nails is so Spring-like and fun, I couldn’t resist. MAC makes a great nail polish too. It lasts a decent amount of time and the sheen is perfect. Just don’t go nibbling your nails when you get to a sad part!

7. Stuart Weitzman Tempo Leather Sandals: It isn’t easy finding espadrille-ish sandals that aren’t overly clunky or composed entirely of string. These were exactly what I was looking for! The medium tan of the leather is a nice neutral and they seem solid enough without looking like two clumps of raffia-tied concrete.

8. philosophy 'here comes the sun' age defense facial sunscreen SPF 40:Remember those crows feet we were talking about? Well, here’s another little weapon in your arsenal to avoid them. At 40 SPF and water resistant to boot, you should be well and truly covered to enjoy a little Vitamin D time. I love philosophy products, they do what they say they will and they don’t make my face turn into a blotchy, bumpy mess. Which is always a good thing.

9. Chanel Vintage Chunky Chain Bracelet Cuff: This is a serious bracelet and almost too serious for a simple afternoon spent reading in the park. Luckily it will be framed by all the other bracelets and cuffs, so it won’t be too domineering. I suppose we could pretend it’s the ultimate luxury hand weight for repetitions to build up your arm muscles, but really, do you ever need to justify putting on a little something Chanel?

10. Hooded Pointelle Cropped Cardigan: This cardigan was an easy choice. I was going to go with the sexy librarian cardigan look, but I’d already spent all my gimmes with the ring. Plus the glasses would have been too much, so I decided to go for a fun crocheted look instead. The hood is really what sold me on the cute cropped sweater, not to mention the open weave of the knit will let more people admire your audacity in wearing your lingerie as outerwear!

11. Chanel Vintage Coin Necklace: There’s just something about Chanel isn’t there? Seriously, so simple, yet they nail the weight of the metal, perfectly balanced by the chain links and the design isn’t over or under done. It’s all goldilocks and just right!

12. Sonia Rykiel Cuff Bracelet: This cuff is just a little bit ‘80s and a whole lot cute isn’t it? It’s chunky and solid enough to hold it’s own against the wooden cuff and the golden Chanel bracelet and acts as a balance to keep the look firmly on the fun and casual side.

13. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: True confessions time. I read the trilogy over three days. I couldn’t put it down and now I need people to talk to about it. So please read it and tell me what you think about it. There were parts I really enjoyed and others that I really disliked, but all in all, it’s a great little story for a sunny afternoon spent next to the ocean. Remember to keep the glasses on though, there are parts that trigger the waterworks. Fair warning.

14. Charlotte Strapless Convertible Bra by ëa Lingerie: Once again, I’m not saying you have to wear a bra, but if you do prefer to wear one, make sure it is either a convertible/racerback/strapless type. After all, MC Lounge designer, Kelly Isaac,  went to a lot of trouble to hand-make you such a glorious silken luxury. The least you could do is not mar the look with visible bra straps! Just saying.

15. Love Moschino Pink Satin Print Bag: Surprised? I am! Generally speaking I don’t tend to go for the ultra-girley kind of bags like this, but something about it just screamed out to me! Which is really weird, because most people who know me, know I hate housework with an intensity usually reserved for glandular meats hidden in meat pies!

Well, there you have it folks. A lazy afternoon’s outfit and still an opportunity to take your lingerie out for a walk and look-see! I’m casting around for my next reading choice, so if you’ve read anything awesome lately, let me know. Oh, and I can’t wait to show you next week’s look, it’s pretty awesome. But, until then, you’ll just have to wait. Oh darn, I should have included an ornamental tissue holder for your reading comfort... meh, I did warn you ahead of time.

Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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