Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lingerie as Outerwear: Rocking the Casual

After all of the dressing up and fancy evenings of the past month, I just couldn’t fathom another “Glam Look” for our weekly Lingerie as Outerwear adventure. Instead, I decided to see how we can flaunt our lingerie in broad daylight/nightlight while kicking the “Upper Class, Rocker Chic” look. After all, even if you aren’t dining with the folks who sign your paychecks, you still want to go out on the town to kick back and relax once in a while.

To start the look off right, I wanted some lingerie that was more than a little edgy. Maybe it revealed a bit more skin or curve than was technically appropriate or maybe it danced on the line of overtly sexy and passably demure. Once again, Lola Haze answers the call with her Signature Romper. Thanks to an artfully placed slit in the middle of the romper’s upper portion of black mesh, the metallic mesh layer below shimmers from within. It will playfully reveal a gentle curve and nothing more. Just enough of a tantalizing tease to bring this romper out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. For those of you who feel the need to keep that gentle curve contained and hidden from view, I included an optional strapless bra from Ritratti. It’s good to have choices.

Since we’re going for a “Rocker Chic” vibe, the natural choice of bottom fell to denim. I’ve killed about 12 pairs of stockings this holiday season, so I wanted to incorporate some clothing that was comfortable, well worn and had deliberate holes. Everyone has at least one pair of tried, tested and true jeans, that are their go-to pants for a night out. They always look good, they always feel right and quite frankly, as holey as they are, they hold a lot of memories. So, I found us a pair of Diesel jeans that fit the bill. Their slim legs are on trend, yet the distressed finish gives them street cred for plenty of prior partying.

The look was still a little too casual and easy going until I added in the stiletto boots, high-sheen black leather bag, silver and black metallic jewelry and then we had all the elements you need for a great concert or night at the local pub. But, I felt, it needed something a bit unexpected, something with a very little, teeny, tiny bit of color. It wasn’t until I put it all together, that I realized that the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Jacket screamed out Heathers. But, it really is that perfect bit of aristocratic style to balance the sensual nature of the romper. The peach accents in the nail polish, lip gloss and plaid pattern on the jacket, keep the dark tones at bay and are also a nod to the passing of the Winter Solstice and the lengthening of the days! The somewhat relaxed structuring of the blazer is in keeping with our loose romper and worn-in, boyfriend jean. All in all, this is an outfit that shows off all of your best attributes in a cozy, comfortable style.

  1. Lola Haze Signature Romper: The gentle gauzey drape of this romper is perfect for pairing with your favourite jeans. The spaghetti straps don’t leave room for a bra, so you’ll need to go strapless, if your bust requires the support and coverage.
  2. Illamasqua Nail Polish in Lament : This bright, coral pink shade will pick up the orangey- red tones in the plaid of the jacket and give you a real pop of color too. Now that the drab old winter has finally shown up, we can all use a little bit sunshine at our fingertips.
  3. Alexander McQueen Faithful Glossed-Leather Tote : With such a relaxed look, I didn’t want anything too fussy or embellished for the bag. Most people assume a “Rocker Chic” style requires extra bling, fringe and cow bell, but a really high-quality leather in a minimalist, but solid, design will have the same authenticity without distracting from the entire outfit.
  4. Diesel Blue Jean Navy :Diesel nails the design of these jeans perfectly. I couldn’t ask for more wear and tear if they had come from a consignment or vintage shop. The fact that they’re new and the skinny legs work harmoniously with our chosen bootie is just cake!
  5. LORAC Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick :When you need a high-voltage shine to match the iridescence of the romper, Lorac is the way to go. Try ‘Vintage’ for a nude look and to pick up the coral in your nails and jacket!
  6. Ippolita Sterling Silver Black Resin Earrings in Mother of Pearl Doublet :These drop earrings will dangle and glimmer in line with your pearly smile and high wattage liquid Lipstick, so be sure to brush well and don’t eat any poppy seed muffins. All eyes will be drawn to your grin tonight!
  7. Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Petite Jacket :Over-sized plaid on a feminine cut blazer? Absolutely! The gray, black and coral shades in the blazer break up the solid tones of the romper, jeans, bag and boots. With a deeply revealing v-button-front, your necklace and romper will be on show at all times. The long sleeves and waist length hemline will keep you covered and warm even in the few frosty minutes between the cab and the warm, inner sanctum of the bar.
  8. David Yurman Black Onyx Hematite and Sterling Silver Long Necklace:The minimalist beading and long drape of this David Yurman necklace highlights the silvery glint of the romper and your drop earrings. Luckily, the low scoop neckline of the romper means that the bottom of the necklace won’t be lost in your layers and will sit happily atop your cleavage.
  9. Alexander Wang Aymeline Stiletto Boot: Can you believe I heard these boots calling out to me over the internet? True story! Check out that wickedly dangerous spike stiletto heel, balanced by a solidly grounded toe and sharply defined, arched sole. These booties will rise up to encase your jeans and have the sweetest little buckle at the top to keep it all together.
  10. Ritratti Sensation Soiree Strapless Bra:Sometimes you just need a lift or a little modesty. No judging here, I promise! I’m suggesting a strapless style, so that those spaghetti straps get to keep all their minimalist drama. Wear it with the romper and you can have just as much of a “Rocker Chic” look as those without, but not have to keep checking to make sure a wayward breast isn’t trying to be the center of attention!

Frankly, I think this look could go anywhere and I have to admit, as a rather busty person, my days of wearing a camisole or romper without support are well behind me. Do you love the look too or do you think it could be better served up another way? Either way, any day you get to wear your lingerie out is a good day,.So, take a look in your closets and dressers and see what you can incorporate into your daily look. You might just be surprised by all your options!


Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Additions by Beautiful Bottoms London

Beautiful Bottoms makes flirty loungewear pieces that are to die for.  Their robes and playsuits are all made out of 100% silk, and the looks range from jewel tone colors to intricate patterns.

If you are a fan of classic elegance and comfort, the place to start here is with the Beautiful Bottoms Silk Robes. They currently come in Emerald and Mable. I love the brightness of the Emerald, but the dove-grey Mable version is sexy and subtle. These robes will skim your thighs, and feature a gorgeous flared sleeve detail that will make anything you do while wearing one seem terribly romantic.

If you're a fan of luxurious but simple loungewear, the Beautiful Bottoms playsuits are for you. They feature low backs, fully adjustable straps, and long silk ties that can be tied at the front or left to hang. My favorite is the floral patterned Phyllis Silk Playsuit, but purists may prefer the Emerald or the Taupe versions. If you're in an outgoing mood, the Florence and the Autumn Silk Playsuits are perfect to make a statement with. Pair them with jeans, or just wear them around the house to relax in.

If you just can't choose which one you need, pick up a robe and a coordinating playsuit! This is a fun collection to mix and match with. 

by: Holly (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique )

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Quote of the Week

In this Quote of the Week we feature the stunning "Tease" bra and "Tease" cheeky panty by Toad Lillie. Tease knows that flirting is where it’s at. At once both coy and provocative, her feminine wiles will leave him weak in the knees. Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lingerie as Outerwear: Pink and Black All Over

Now that the end of the Holiday season is in view, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on all of the recent fashion trends that have been dominating the parties and soirees. Generally, women’s formal fashions have appeared to fall into two categories 1) What looks like prom wear, full of satin, ruching, random sequins and hemlines so short you can see the belly piercing and 2) Traditional, suit-like, business formal attire that is dark, drab and most definitely covers every available piece of skin. Can you tell that I’m not overly impressed with either option?

If you aren’t 17 anymore, then it may be time to hang up the prom gear, although kudos for still being able to fit into it! Everyone sees you at the office wearing your standard uniform of blazer, long skirt, button down shirt and sensible shoes, isn’t a holiday party the time to break out of the mold a bit?

So, I started thinking about what a fashionable woman could do to avoid either of the above mocked problems. I decided that it all came down to starting with the right building blocks. So, I began with a killer slip from Lola Haze’s Signature Collection. This slip, although meant as an underlayer, is so finely constructed, with such rich colors, that it deserves to be put on show.

Naturally, with so much pink throughout, I choose a blush of a lip color to coordinate. MAC’s Viva Glam V is the very best mix between pink, brown and berry and casts a natural healthy glow. The addition of the plum berry and brown tones, keeps the pink from becoming too bubble gum and delving into the prom wear danger zone. The lipstick, the satin clutch and the slip all work together to keep the outfit from verging too closely on depressed Winona’s Beetlejuice fashion choices and keeps the look in a sexy, sienna-hued nod to the 20’s.

I didn’t want to hide the Whisper Slip underneath any opaque layers, so I paired it up with a Lace Overlay Dress from Alice By Temperley. The metallic sheen of the slip will further illuminate the intricate diamante detailing throughout the dress without the elements competing with one another. It doesn’t hurt that I absolutely love the lace work that manges to be mesmerizing without being too busy.

I don’t know about you, but my feet have been encased in high heels for the better part of a month now, with no time off for good behavior. Who said that you could only wear heels when dressing up for Holiday parties and events? Certainly not me, and with all the glitz and glam of our slip and dress, these fabulous patent leather, ballet flats are just what the podiatrist ordered! You won’t have to worry about toweringly tall heels and can skip past all of the stumbling prom queens in their stilt heels as you get to the ladies room first without flashing your underwear choices to the assembled guests.

With so much bling in the outfit, I felt pretty safe going with an understated black leather bracelet with a personalized fingerprint bead from Sway Silver, the Black Cluster Ring from House of Harlow and the Eddie Borgo Pave Cone earrings. By not drawing a ton of attention to themselves, the jewelry works as supporting actors, strengthening the ensemble cast of the outfit. They’re like that super cool, ‘Easter egg’ bonus clip that you stumble upon in your favourite DVD.

I am completely smitten with this outfit and am envisioning some fabulous flapper-ish hairdos to go along with it! It makes me want to cuddle up, watch Chicago and practice my dance moves. What do you think of it all? Would you be willing to stand out from the pack and rock my Flapper-Chic look?

1. Lola Haze Signature Whisper Slip in Pink: This slip features a double layer of sheer materials that create enough of an opacity to allow for public display. The super soft, nylon stretch mesh and metallic mesh are cut to allow ease of movement and a figure skimming fit. The dual hemlines allow the two fabrics to play off of one another and highlight the neckline and lower hemline. This is one slip that needs to be seen!

2. MAC Viva Glam V Lipstick : I would be willing to bet that every woman has at least one shade of MAC’s Viva Glam lipstick in her arsenal. This shade is a soft plumy pink brown. It gives the barest blush of colour to lips while imbuing them with that moisture rich formula and just a hint of satiny shine. Knowing that every cent from each Viva Glam sold goes directly to the MAC Aids Foundation, will give you one more reason to smile.

3. Seamless, Reversible, V-Front ,No-Wire, Softcup Bra:Keeping with our theme of comfort and ease of motion, I have selected a wirefree softcup bra that will blend in under the slip, keep you cozily contained and thoroughly relieved not to have to struggle with any hyper architectured shapewear. While the other women are gaging their ability to eat another hors d’oeuvre by the room left in their constrictive support garments, you can smile and reach for another canape as your stretchy softcup bra and lace thong move with you.

4. Valentino Bow Satin Clutch: With a dress as sparkly and embellished as the see through lace, it would be easy to go understated when it comes to your handbag. But why should it take a backseat when Valentino creates a clutch as spectacular as this? The giant bow adorning the front of this satin clutch is so very over the top that it can hold it’s own with this brilliantly gleaming outfit!

5. House of Harlow Black Cluster Ring: I love this ring. The fact that it takes three finger spaces and is darkly mysterious only enhances it’s charm when set against the delicate lace of the dress and subtle sheen of the slip. It picks up on the substantial feel of the leather band on the bracelet without coming off as clunky.

6. Hanky Panky Original Style Thong: This thong sits on the hips and features a sexy V waistline to highlight the natural curves of your body. The thong is as comfortable as they come and will basically disappear underneath the lovely slip. A great basic wardrobe staple that you can depend on for comfort and fashion.

7. BCBG Gracey Flower Detail Ballet Flat: The holiday season has been trucking along for so long that you must be sick of the heels by now. These delicate ballet flats will have you walking, dancing and mingling comfortably while all of the other guests do the flamingo leg trying to give their poor tired feet some release. The lovely bow and patent leather keep this shoe from looking too casual or childish. Be sure to moisturize your gams before you go out because, thanks to the short hem of this dress and the shiny leather on you feet, all eyes will be on your legs.

8. Alice By Temperley Lace Overlay Dress: Doesn’t this sumptuous lace overlay dress bring to mind a carefree evening, filled with dance, jazz and prohibition frivolity? Although, the slip beneath is too drab, so I would much rather substitute the handmade Lola Haze Signature Whisper Slip and have the metallic mesh underlay compliment the glittering diamante embellishment. The high neckline and long sleeves are a beautiful frame for the slip’s low, scoop neckline and thin spaghetti shoulder straps. The solid black lines of the lace echo the black accents of the jewelry and let the slip take center stage as the true focal point of the outfit.

9. Eddi Borgo Pave Cone Studs: The short hem of both slip and the lace dress inspired me to look for a stud earring that could still pick up the subtle shimmer of the dress without being over the top glam. I wanted an understated piece that could stand alone too. The cone shape of these magnificent earrings is an interesting departure from traditional studs and evokes a certain hardness that offsets the uber feminity of the dress and clutch. I get an alternative, body modification sense from these studs that makes me want to show them off and not hide them behind long loose tresses.

10. Sway Silver Fine Fingerprint Bead on Leather: Keep your memories close at hand, even when you’re out on the town with this fabulous fingerprint bead on a leather thong. Artisan craftsmanship and heirloom keepsake quality make this a piece of jewelry fit for any occasion. I love that it can be personalized with your own fingerprint or that of a loved one. Such a great conversation piece will certainly help you through yet another party full of small talk and strangers.

Can’t wait to show you the next outfit I’ve been working on!

Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Additions by Sonata Lingerie

I have to admit that when I found out that Bella Bella Boutique was adding even more of the Sonata Ultraviolet collection to the site this week, I was pretty tickled. In part, that's because I've spent the last several months telling everyone I know about how much I love Sonata.

I'm not the only one who is talking about Sonata either. Last week Lingerie Talk named the newly added Blossom Bodysuit as one of the top pieces of 2011, and they're regularly featured as one of the top lingerie lines in the business.

So what's new in the boutique this week?

If you're a fan of the underwear as outerwear look, the Blossom bodysuit is an incredibly wearable that works with tons of outfits. I love it with with jeans and a tank top under it, but it also works well with a pencil skirt or hi-waisted pants. The peach lace is gorgeous and girly, and will be perfect to wear as the snow melts away. If peach isn't your color, check out the black Luna Lace Bodysuit as a sexy alternative. On a personal note, this bodysuit looks great on a variety of body types. Mine is a size 10, and highlights my curves beautifully.

The Elysia collection explores the lighter side of the range, and offers pink and black in all kinds of silk, satin, and chiffon. The opulent Elysia Silk Chiffon Camisole would look great at home or for a night out, and the Elysia bra takes pink and black to a whole new level.

The Tianna Silk Chiffon Camisole and the Tianna Lace Knicker are made out of Solstiss lace and sexy cutout detailing. If you want to cover up, try the Luna Lace Robe. It's sexy, dramatic, and soft.

by: Holly (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique )

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Quote of the Week

In this Quote of the Week we feature the super fun and sassy "Poppy English Rose" cami and pompom knicker by La Lilouche. Happy Monday to you!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lingerie as Outerwear: Innocence and Edge

Parties, parties and more parties. I’ve had more fancy finger foods this month, than I could possibly count. My holiday season is ramping up and I'm loving all these excuses to play with my wardrobe. But you know what's even more fun? Developing these outfits for all of you!

Today's lingerie as outerwear outfit is a wee bit crafty. You see, technically the lingerie is underneath the dress, but it's actually the element that brings it all together and makes it shine! Is it truly outerwear? I think so, after all, the lace is completely transparent, so the slip beneath is essentially framed and on center stage!

I've been wearing so many little black dresses and tons of colorful coordinates, but I have yet to see anyone really pull off a light look during the winter season. As always, I love a good challenge, so I started with a dress that had a sweetly, innocent quality to it. I adore the black accents, the all-over lace and gathered skirt that give this dress an antique polish and sense of nostalgia.

To liven it up and add some subtle drama, I decided to pair it with a golden, glistening, silk slip from MC Lounge, rather than the 'Plain Jane' cream slip that it comes with. That flash of silk takes this dress from fun and flirty to full-wattage glam! It would be easy to get fussy and complicated with an updo, but I would rather keep the hair simple and fresh with a black head band and plenty of movement for when you swing that full skirt.

Since it's party season, the super high heels with the gauzey flower pick up the black details in the dress and keep it from feeling too ingenue-ish. Nevertheless, I wanted to be certain that the look didn't veer into Alice in Wonderland territory (Tim Burton or Disney), so I paired it up with Valentino's sexed up, form fitting, black leather jacket and a gorgeous beaded black clutch. These harder elements keep the syrupy sweetness at bay and inject a little personality.

Keeping the jewelry and metal accents in the black and silver realm limits the static noise of too much bling, but let's me play with the slightly gothic-feel of the outfit by incorporating this fabulous beaded choker necklace. Your nails can be done up in a good-girl mani, with white bottoms and black moons ala the contemporary style, or you can get a wee bit funky with some graphic designs using the pearl and midnight black.

Now, just when it all starts to feel a wee bit matchey-matchey and you're thinking that Maggie's all done, we hit you with a full, red lip that brings the whole thing together and picks up the kick from the leather jacket and choker. The bit of sparkley shine in the red will illuminate the gleam from your golden slip that’s screaming through the restraining lace.

Wouldn't you love to take this outfit out for a spin? It would be an attention-grabber in any scenario and shows that light and white looks don't have to be dainty, they can still take back the night with vehemence!

1. MC Lounge Stretch Silk Chemise: You just can’t go wrong with golden, stretch silk especially when it pairs up with a subtle open weave lace dress. Maison Close Lounge Collection’s form fitting slip is both practical and decadent. It will keep the lace dress from showing too much skin, while also gleaming in the bright lights of the dance floor. The bit of stretch in the silk will have you kicking your heels up and twirling that gathered skirt without having to worry about a potential wardrobe malfunction of the visible-undies variety.

2. BCBGMaxAzria Naomi Evening Sandal : I love everything about these sandals! The black straps echo the ribbon waistband embellishment of the dress, choker and the headband. The sheer rosettes at your ankles keep the look upscale and luxurious. The sky-high heel and exposed toe just beg for a beautiful pedicure in our two shades of pearl and glossy black, for that hip and fresh element.

3.  Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick: A red lip will always be a fashion statement, but never more so than when you're glammed up, head to toe. This red is a silky, soft, emollient-rich formula that will also enhance the brightness of your teeth!

4. BCBGMaxAzria Beaded Clutch: The black beaded clutch has a bit of restrained flash and decadence that characterizes the outfit as a whole. It's just big enough for all your holiday festing needs, without being overly clumsy. It’s an unexpected choice with the leather jacket and keeps it feminine.

5. ModCloth In Perfect Contrast Dress: ModCloth does it up right with this super pretty, lace dress. The sweetheart ribbon detailing at the waist and the swirl-worthy skirt are the perfect accompaniment to any occasion. This one-piece can be dressed up or down and will continue to be a fashion staple through all the trends and seasons.

6. Versace Black Leather Jacket: Versace knows how to show off the female body and the styling of this striking black leather jacket is no exception. The metallic accents are silver and minimal and the curvy silhouette works beautifully with the peekaboo heels! The neckline is prim and proper and the off center zipper is fabulous!

7. 1928 Jewelry Gothic Costume Choker Necklace: This fitted choker is composed of seven strands of beads and fine wire work without being overly embellished. It picks up on the antique feel of the lace dress, while also echoing the black color bands throughout your ensemble. You would be equally at home wearing this necklace on the Titanic or the Viper Lounge; truly a multifunctional accessory.

8. Judith Ripka Black Onyx and Sterling Silver Cushion Stone Ring: This ring has heirloom written all over it. I love the silver claws holding the big black gem in place and the serpentine scales encircling the ring portion. You had better be sure your nails are done when you wear this ring, because plenty of people will be asking to see your hand!

9. L’Atelier des Dames Headband Cuir Gris: It wasn’t easy finding a non-feathered, non-fringed, non-blinged out, headband, but this sleekly stylish headband is the perfect accompaniment to our edgy, light themed look. The small rose detail won’t take all the attention away from the other pieces; rather it will blend into the various elements seamlessly.

10. Hard Candy Just Nails with Ring in Sugar Daddy (Pearl) and The End: Don’t you just love the shiny black and cream pearlescent shades of this nail polish? For fingers and toes it will give that little hint of glint, just like the slip beneath the dress. Using several coats for a more opaque style will make your French manicure really pop. Black moons at your tips is such a cool, ‘now’ look.

Well? Did you like it? What would you have done differently? Drop me a line in the Comments and let me know! I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for next week’s outfit!


Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Priscilla Jade Lingerie: The Noir Collection

Priscilla Jade is one of the few designers out there doing luxurious lingerie at very affordable prices, so we're thrilled to announce the addition of her signature NOIR collection to Bella Bella Boutique website today.

Priscilla Jade lingerie is based on lycra power mesh, which is the highest quality mesh used in the industry. This collection really takes on an extra dimension in person, as the mesh feels thick and luxurious. If you didn't know what the material was, it would feel like two layers. This means that each piece in the collection is sexy and sheer, but also has an elegance and a texture to it that other mesh lingerie doesn't.

The collection takes basic black in a wide variety of directions, which means it has something for everyone. I'm planning on starting with the Priscilla Jade "Adam" babydoll, which I will wear by itself and over jeans with something under it. I've started to build up a pretty serious underwear as outerwear collection recently, and I can't wait to add this babydoll to it.

I love the high-waisted panty look that is sweeping the trade shows, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. The Priscilla Jade "Jonahan" set takes this trend and makes it extra sexy with mesh high-waisted panties and a satin soft cup bralette. This set would be great to lounge around in, or to slip under your favorite skirt and blouse for a night out.

If you're feeling extra daring, you should try the Priscilla Jade "Christian" Set. This set plays into the bondage elements that we've seen in all the magazines, but combines it with the lycra mesh for a new take on the look. The bondage style lace bra and thong are eye catching but still feminine and soft.

Finally, you can never go wrong with a great pair of black panties, and Priscilla Jade offers two panty packs that are sure to become staples for you. The lace trimmed bikini offers a pretty take on the basics, but the mesh and lace boyshort panties are what I'll be picking up. Either way, you'll end up with a pack of panties that go with almost anything.

by: Holly (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique )

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Quote of the Week

Starting today we'll be featuring a weekly quote every Monday to inspire and motivate you with beautiful lingerie images as background. We hope you enjoy them.
This week quote we feature the gorgeous "La Scala" robe by Claire Pettibone from the designer's limited collection "Heirloom" {Holiday 2011}, unveiling soon.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lingerie as Outerwear: Vamping It Up For The Holidays

I think it’s safe to say that Old Man Winter has settled in to stay. My cheeks are chilly, my nose is red and I was eyeing my padded bras as potential earmuffs this morning. Don’t worry; I decided against that desperate move, after all, I can’t very well blog about tastefully incorporating lingerie as outerwear here, while leaving the house like that.

I have so many holiday parties coming up over the next few weekends and am in full-on dress-up mode! But the problem with having to attend so many events is that you can begin to run out of different clothing options. So for today’s outfit, I decided to see how I could combine separates for a spectacularly dramatic look.

It would be easy to go with a tried and true little black dress and look like everyone else, but I want a punch of color to help me stand out from the sheeple. Nicole Gill’s Elena corset is the perfect choice. The black lace, faux waspie embellishment around the waist will keep the boudoir foremost in everyone’s mind, while the startlingly dramatic burgundy maintains the festive appeal.

An overbust corset can tip toe dangerously close to the femme fatale line, but by adding in the crisp, white, button down shirt, the outfit is kept elegantly classic. The longer length of the fluted, silk skirt accentuates the dramatic hourglass silhouette of the corset and only reveals a tease of legs and delicately strapped high heels.

With such a dramatic centerpiece as the corset, the jewelry is kept simple and chic with just enough sparkle to highlight the shimmering clasps on the corset and your own glowing smile.

1. Nicole Gill Elena Corset: The beautiful, deep burgundy Elena corset is from Nicole Gill’s newest Collection: “A Beautiful Sacrifice.” The black lace overlay creates the impression of two separate pieces of shapewear and produces a breathtaking contrast on the high-voltage sheen of the burgundy silk.

2. Manolo Blahnik Maricrona d’Orsay Pump: I may have been watching a little too much Dancing with the Stars this season, but what isn’t there to love about these shoes? From the delicate fabric pleats of the open toe, to the glistening crystal detailing on the straps, they’re stylish enough for a night of dancing to the DJ at the company party or dining elegantly with your fellow Non-Profit Board Members.

3. Besame Classic Color Lipstick: When I think of a femme fatale, she always has the most beautiful lipstick color in the deepest shade of red or berry. Your trademark pout will be perfectly illuminated in this rich, smooth formula. The 1940’s retro-styled bullet-shaped case is almost too pretty to keep hidden away.

4. Calvin Klein Spring 2012 Lacquer Silk/Metal Satin Fluted Skirt: I love everything about this skirt, from its glistening shine to its form-skimming shape with a gentle, champagne-fluted hemline. It’s a classic style that is well worth the investment and will keep you mixing and matching for years to come. The delicate silk/satin fabric will feel luxurious against your skin and won’t compete for attention with the glamorous corset.

5. Mikimoto Diamond Accented 18K White Gold 8MMBlack Baroque Akoya Pearl Drop Earrings: This outfit is all about long, clean lines, from the corset to the skirt and repeated in the 1 ½ inch drop earrings in stunning 18K white gold, embellished with diamonds and featuring those unusual Baroque Akoya pearls. These earrings are the perfect whisper to flatter your chic ensemble.

6. Ralph Lauren Blue Label Super-Slim Carissa Shirt: You can’t go wrong with the sharpness of a bright, white, button down shirt paired with classic black. The deep V-neck of the shirt echoes the V-closure of the corset while also providing coverage. Should the evening progress to a less formal setting and include dancing, you’re just a layer away from a more revealing, rock ‘n roll look.

7. Toad Lillie Vixen High-Waist Panty with Detachable Garters: These high-waisted, stretch silk charmeuse, vintage style panties pull double duty by also providing hosiery solutions for your attire. However, if you choose not to wear any stockings, the garters are fully detachable and the underpants are still just as fetching with their Hollywood glamour design. All of Toad Lillie’s handmade lingerie is produced with the utmost attention to detail and luxury which makes these underpinnings the perfect match for this outfit!

8. Lana Jewelry Rock Lights Necklace: I wanted the jewelry to be subtle and work more towards creating a mood, rather than becoming the centerpiece of the outfit. This necklace combines white and black gold in simple chains with a sensuous knot and drape. The long lines draw the eyes down and along the key pieces of the outfit yet don’t fight with the corset for attention.

9. Diane Kordas Diamond Embellished 18K Black Gold Arabesque Ring: The black gold base of this ring carries an antique sentiment with its multiple diamond settings and stunning arabesque, filigree design. There’s no need for any other ornamentation of the hands or arms with this sophisticated conversation piece twinkling on your finger.

Maggie (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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